Angels 2

Friday, November 20, 2009

Updated from Angels 1. hehehe.

Angels can be anything that we even never imagine before.
They can be in any shape, a creature, and even a sentence!!

It happened to me so long ago..i forget the time exactly..

I did not do some bad things in the morning, but my mom was in a big rage with me. I felt that i wasn't wrong! It wasn't all by my fault. I didn't admitted it as my mistake. We had a quarrel in the morning so I went to school with sad face and broken heart. She had blamed me. I felt so disappointed and disenchanted...

I tried to be patient..In the car, i tried so hard to not crying..Then a bus passed my car. I shocked with the word which written in the head of the body.


I am not lying!! The word was written like that!!! Then i felt so so so more cheered. God always has His own way to cheer us up!!

1 fact : angels can be any shape. realized them in every step that u take,,and share it !!!!

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