Today I got the price and reward officially ^^ so fun! I went to Plaza Festival with my beloved mommy. She said she is proud of me, no mom, I am so proud for being your only daughter! :*

So, as I promised, I want to reveal my design :). Please join my giveaway HERE. It's a celebration with you girls :D

50% of design

The Glass of Winner!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Ladies, all of my lovelies, I am very happy today. I WON A DESIGN COMPETITION! May I repeat that? I. WON. A. DESIGN. COMPETITION! (^D^)/

Hehehe. Sorry for sounds like too excited, but I feel so much happy. I never won a competition before, as 21 years of my life, LOL, just 2 giveaways from Jessica Simon and Kristy Wong. The rest? I am not that lucky :p

I won a batik competition from Seven Eleven Indonesia, which I will post in the next, and I promise I will show you my batik's design that grabbed the third position for victory :D

I want to share my happiness and my price with my lovely ladies here. But sorry this giveaway is just for INDONESIA only, sorryyyy, I will make a big giveaway again internationally, if I reach 1000 followers :) lol.

These are the prices option!

of kawaii and cute stuffs

of kawaii and cute stuffs

of make-up and beauty stuffs

of make-up and beauty stuffs

I will keep the price as my little secret, but I tell you that the value of every choice are same. I want to make surprise for the winner :D

This is the rules:
1. Follow my blog via GFC
2. Follow my twitter @Lil_Rhea
3. Like my photography house Absconding Reality
4. Answer my question: "If you were lonely, who do you find to share, and what could makes you feel lonely?" (no minimum or maximum words)
5. Make a blog post about this giveaway (optional, you can do it or not, up to you)

Simple and easy right? ^^ I will COUNT every effort from you, especially from the answer of number 4 and 5.

Pleeeease leave a comment below for whose participate:
1. GFC name:_______________
2. Twitter name:_____________
3. Facebook name:___________
4. If I were lonely, I will find ___________________
    I could feel lonely when _____________________
5. My blog link: _____________________________
6. My price choice: ___________________________ (example: many but much kawaii&cute things)

Giveaway will over at 7th of December 2012

Thank you so much for visit and good luck my dearest pretty ladies!!!! <3

Miss Rhea~<3


thank you for everyone whose joined in my 1st giveaway, thanks for your love and wishes, and remarks, I am so happy to have you girls as my online girl friends lol.

this giveaway finally closed and check HERE for the winner and prizes! *kisses*

Miss Rhea's 1st Giveaway 'a celebration'

Friday, November 23, 2012


Good day, Ladies. I want to share my thoughts about Skin79 Kick it Side Fantastic Eyes in Trembling Blue color.

Papuros Shop kindly entrusted me to review this baby:

Blue eyeliner is getting more popular since K-pop and Hallyu spread in my country. For me, I love blue, that color will always be my favorite color after white ^^ It is not pure blue, can you feel the green touch too? I think they should named it "Dark Turquoise" right? (^ w ^)/ raise my hand

REVIEW: Skin79 Kick it Side Fantastic Eyes Eyeliner

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today I ain't gonna post beauty review, FOTD, or else about outer beauty. I want to share about what I had got, to protect our very precious things: breast and cervix.

Many many ladies in this world don't take a serious attention about this dangerous desease that nowadays become one of the most women killer in the world . . .

Woman's Awareness: Breast & Cervix Cancer Fight!

Friday, November 09, 2012


If you read my last post about dry and black lips, today I wanna share one item form innisfree again that will take a good care of your lips.

I dont really drink often, sometimes I forgot to drink when I'm in class, so my lips are in dry condition, I even used to had chapped lips :'( so sad and sick! Once my friend had bloody dry lips, and she told me that it hurts everytime she wants to eat or talk. Scary!

Papuros Shop kindly give me Innisfree eco windy lip balm green tea. Go check their facebook page HERE, they have much Korean cosmetic with friendly price! Trusted seller, Ladies ;)

REVIEW: Innisfree Eco Windy Green Tea Lipbalm

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Today's topic is about lips. It is true that eye make-up is the point of interest of whole make-up, but if you have a dry lips, that would be so annoying to see them in lipstick...

One more lip enemy: DARK lips. Please do not smoke, sleep earlier, protect from UV, pick a good lipstick with natural ingredients, and do a routine treatment for your lips to avoid the dark/black lips!

We need to keep our lips moist. Lovely lips could make a great make-up, and make us a good kisser! Lol!

Papuros shop kindly gave me the best solution for those two lip's enemies!:

Innisfree Eco Windy Lip Scrub

This lovely cute baby comes from innisfree, 100% ORIGINAL nature ingredients, and trusted brand! I love everything about innisfree, they came with good concept of nature care.

no grams or ml, so i give a length: 10,5 cm

REVIEW: Innisfree Eco Green Tea Lip Scrub

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Ladies, Absconding Reality had a project for this halloween. I called this "Dracula's Bride" photo shoots! ^^

Tomato Online Shop kindly sponsored me a pair of scary yet beautiful lens, GEO Xtra Redfor my countess Abigail!

These are the result, for more photos please kindly visit HERE. Don't forget to 'like' my Absconding Reality's facebook :D

Read more! View more! :D

PHOTOSHOOT: Dracula's Bride + GEO Xtra Red Review

Thursday, November 01, 2012

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