Bun Your Hair Up with Chikomori Hair Bun

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I always love ulzzang look, and it becomes my signature style currently :D
This style is never failed to makes me more confident. Lol. One of the most popular hairdo among ulzzang girls is: up-do bun hair, some will mess the bun, some may not.

Bearfully Collection kindly gave me this lovely easy bun to try. I love this bun!

It has easy rubber clip to tighten the bun in your real little hair bun. Bearfully Collection has many many colors, but my hair si deep black so the bun should be black too! ^^
I love, really love how it is looks like, very natural! (of course natural, made by 100% human hair!!!) and smooth to touch :D

as black as my real (dry) hair
Having big rounded bun above your head is really cute for me, and I usually hate to do the bun-hairdo because it won't be as big as with this bun!

I can use this 'less than 2 minutes' easy hairdo to go to campus, mall, hangout, or just tea time with my girls with no effort to blow or dry my hair, even in my worst hair condition I can still looks cute fine.

hello i am kitty cat!

 Notice the difference? Loveeee this!

Can put cute little ribbon in it, voilaaaa, ulzzang easy hair :p

Where to get this?
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  1. It look really natural on you! :)


  2. cutee... but i think it will make my face rounder >.<

    1. hehhehehe iyaaa jes..tp gpp lucu hahha :p thankss

  3. Lucuuu bangett! Cantikkk
    Love love love :*

  4. oh wow! it looks really great on you. i can't even tell that its not real!! hahahaha i've been fooled.

    - sarah -

    1. lol...yes it is, i trolled everyone LOL, thank you sarah! <3 <3

  5. nyiaaaaa.. lucu bangeettt.. udah dari kapan pengen beli cuma bingung nyesuainnya sama rambut gue yang udah di cat sendiri gak jelas. hahaaah

    1. hahahaha ntar bun nya dicat jg aja van :D <3

  6. It looks absolutely amazing on you! Love your blog~


  7. Hello, I love this post, gotta try it. And you're cute. Love your blog too. Followed you. Hope you can check back and maybe Follow back?


  8. That's cute! i've never tried bang wigs before.. its so good when you can't decide if you want to cut ur bangs or not. haha awesome! you look pretty ^_^



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