REVIEW: XOXO Minnie Lipstick in Bubble Pink

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello~! Please say hi to my cutie pinky lovely lipstick! LOL! Isn't this adorable? Lovveeeee the design so much! I am a huge fan of Disney and Etude House :D

Thankyou so much Bell's Etude House for giving me this XOXO Minnie Lipstick to try out. I got number #2: Bubble Pink. This series only has 2 colors. 

Pink and bright! I think this can be used as everyday lips, you agree with me? :D Love to see new lipstick's bullet :p

It turn like pink-purple color in room lighting, but would me more pink in outdoor lighting. Idk why, is it just in my lips? Hahahaha.. This is my FOTD with XOXO Minnie Lipstick Bubble Pink. What do you girls think?? Tell me :D

What I Like:
♥ Cute packaging
♥ Lovely natural and fresh color
♥ Nice smell
♥ Long-lasting in my lips
♥ Easy to carry

What I Dislike:
* A bit dry in lips >.<

Where to get this?

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  1. I love the colour of this lipstick and it does look very pigmented!
    It's a shame that its drying on the lips though, i thought only lip tints had that affect! :(


    1. yesss, its really sad because dry on my lips, but its ok, still can use lipbalm first :D

  2. desainnya emg unyu bangettt :3 :3

  3. warnanya cantik ~~
    pas di outdoor jadinya kayak warna natural bibir <3

  4. Ahh warnya cakep banget ce ♥

  5. warnanya cantik banget di kamu git XD

  6. Lhoooo warna nya malah jadi terlihat natural ya gita?? padahal kalo dilihat sepintas lebih natural..

    1. *Maksud nya dilihat sepntas gojeeereng banget warna nya* *lagi salah fokus ngeliat packingnya yg lucuuuu*

    2. hehehe iyaaahh, sepintas emg dangdut warnanya XD

  7. The packaging is soo cute! And the shade is pretty :) It looks kinda moisturizing so too bad it is actually drying :( Thanks for the review!

    xx Stella
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  8. packagingnyaa imuuut bgt, warnany pinkny jg cakep bgt ce cocok yg begini dipake daily <3

  9. Kok kayaknya agak mirip lip balm berwarna yah xD **
    Thanks for the review ce ^^

  10. Kok kayaknya agak mirip lip balm berwarna yah xD **
    Thanks for the review ce ^^

  11. warnanya pink, lembut bangett.... >,< suka deh.... :D

  12. So lovely post! I really love your blog! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
    Let’s follow each other! I hope we will keep in touch. ♡
    ✿ Rinako ✿


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