REVIEW: Ageha Midnight Black

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hellooooooo~ Anyone here miss me? LOL. I'm back with another review, from Japan Softlens.

I fall in love from the first sight with this circle lens, because it is full black! Let's give an applause to Ageha Midnight Black! Yay!
Anyone who wears this will be automatically look dolly and natural in one second!

AGEHA / Selection Models
MidNight Black [normal] 16mm
Normal lens ±0.00
Diameter saat dipakai16.0mm(DIA14.5mm)
BC 8.9
Isi:1 Kotak isi 2 Pcs (1Set)

color 5 of 5
It's been written "midnight black" which makes me expecting a really bold black color. And it is! A real bold and black color! Purrr-fect! :D

enlargement 4.5 of 5
I think it's enough for me, really dolly and natural at the same time ^^

comfort 4.5 of 5
It's not weird and shocking, Japan Softlens will never fail for this criteria. No need to explain more, it stay comfortably in my eyes for up to 7 hours without eye drop ;) 

My FOTD, in case someone miss me huhu... Sorry I've been really busy with my Absconding Reality's project and of course, working world at office *sigh*, but I will always writing for this blog, so please don't go anywhere, I miss you all guys :)


  1. Omg ci gita unyu banget mukanyaaa akkk ,bagus ci ,cocok sama softlens nya

  2. Aku pernah coba yg warnanya hitam pekat kayak gini git.. XD
    tp aku merasa aneh, soalnya kayak black hole gitu..mata jd keliatan kurang hidup *klo menurutku*
    tp memang softlensnya japan softlens mostly slalu nyaman ^^

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    1. iya vee, emang, hahaha, tpi itu justru yg aku pengen :p
      bisa bikin dolly look jadinya heheeh :*

  3. wiiii matamu langsung pop up ce klihatan imuut beuud <3

  4. jadi kayak mata bayi ce, lucuuuk >_<

  5. cute !!

  6. so beauty ><

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