Thursday, March 05, 2015

Maybe some of you already know that I'm so in love with fine arts and photography. I have my fine art photography house Absconding Reality
Months lately I've practiced much about digital imaging to make surrealist photos. I adore surreal style so much, you can find out more here about it. 

So now I want to share about my first fashion photos which I wrapped with makeup play and surreal ideas. Hope you can enjoy it! I also make very simple and short tutorial, sorry if still confusing :)

I gave name to this concept: CLOUDIOSCOPE stands for cloud and telescope. Lol. I like the mood of these photos. And for the makeup, I made "cold" effect with natural gyaru style.


1. Prepare your eyes, I am using Dubai Three Tone Grey contact lens for frozen eyes. 

2. Prepare base makeup. Make it natural and matte. 

3.  Okay the essential part is eyes. Blend randomly blue and white shimmering eyeshadow around the eyes. Make sure you double tap the white eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes. 

4. I am using Etude House Oh My Eyeliner liquid to make lower-winged eyeline. 

5.  Use your favorite eyelashes. Mine is Dolly Wink number 01. 

6.  The more HD picture of the eyes. And for more defined look, I add turquoise line under the eye with PAC liquid eyeliner in Miracle Green

This is the no edit photo or the original version. Lol. I look chubby. 

Lacey white dress by MintyAnne

What do you think, Girls?

I will make moreeee posts like this: combining my fashion style + makeup play + surrealist photography by me :)

Do you like it? Tell me! ^^


  1. Your so talented!! *o*
    I can't even take a normal picture, when you're here like a pro..! x))
    Haha, I love this concept: makeup + fashion + photography!!
    Btw, that makeup look really nice on you! <3 And your lens fit so well with the theme~~

    - Suji ❤

    1. omg, thanks suji, i am blushed reading your comment <3
      thanks sweetheart :) i am still not that pro too ^^:

  2. SUKAAKKK banget!! konsepnya and eye makeupnya cocok deh git.. memang kamu photografer PRO! :* :* :*

    ♥ Pinastika Beauty Blog ♥

    1. makasi darlinggg <3
      duh jadi terharu hehehe :* :*

  3. you look so cute with thoose makeup :)
    and i love your concept :D

  4. cantikk ..
    hasil photoshootnya keren abis darlingg >_<

  5. wah kerenn yah nice sky.... digital imaginenya asik banget....

  6. Love ur eyes makeup, keren photonya >3<


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