Makeup for Attending A Wedding Party

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hi Ladies! MARRIAGE SEASON is coming to town! Let's think about new dresses, and new makeup inspiration for attending the parties~ ^^
Here's my simple and cute look for party, I hope this video can be a new idea and easy to follow.

So, how many wedding invitation you already got this month? XD
Don't forget to eat a lot at the party! Lol~ 

Here is my easy makeup for wedding party tutorial. Please kindly subscribe, comment, and share it if you like. See you at next video!


  1. Thanks for your tutorial.. Berguna banget niih:D

    mampir ke blog ku yuuk^^

  2. waaa so pretty >3< suka bgt sm wrna lippie nya ^^

  3. tutorialnya bagus, bulan ini dan bulan depan banyak banget kondangan =))

    1. heheh iya ni lagi musim menikah ya XD thanksss


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