Benefit Ka Brow Eyebrow Set

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hei lovelies! I can't go out without my brow done, although I am not in the mood for full makeup or in a rush, I will always do my brow - anyone here on the same boat with me? Haha!

Because it is soooo important to have a good eyebrow, I got myself so picky with eyebrow product! Thank Sephora Indonesia they provide too many eyebrow products lol, and I am super in love with this Benefit Ka Brow Eyebrow Set for the bigger and bolder brows! Sounds like a magic spell!

Inside the box is: one concealer or can be used as highlighter, one eyebrow cream (i got number 5), one eyebrow translucent gel, and one tool with eyebrow stickers to match your look. What a nice eyebrow box!!

I am happy that I got number 5 - something like dark brown with ash color, and love that it has warm touch, I mean not yellowish :)
The texture is creamy and very soft, I can use it for my eyeliner too! Love! And it's not really waterproof, but I prefer this because I hate brow or liner product that couldn't be erased easily! :(

Actually I have no idea with the eyebrow stickers lol, and I made this comparison with photo for you to see the magic. Not forget to mention about the brush that is SUPER AWESOME with super sharp and angled shape!! I can create my favorite straight or archy brows easily~

  1. Only brow cream to the natural brow, love the color can blend well with my eyebrow real color (black). You can see still there's a little brow hair out of the border.
  2. I used the brow translucent gel that has a hard spooli applicator, and voila it hardens my brow hair so feels more neat right?
  3. Finishing touch with the concealer! No any words could explain :D

What I Like:
❤ Easy to use!
❤ Nice applicator brush
❤ Not really waterproof (easy to erase)
❤ Can be used as eyeliner too :)

What I Dislike:

Where to get this?

Till next product girls!❤


  1. Waahh kayaknya oke banget ya si Benefit Kabrow ini :D

  2. mupeeeeeeng.. rheaaa.. aku mau ini nih.. biar alis aku selalu eksis.. kikikikikik..

    1. iyaaa dyneeeee kece banget ini alis haha

  3. I love benefit but it's too pricey for me! Got to save up again for this baby! :)

    A. ❤

    1. yes me too but this really worth every penny :D

  4. aku tadinya mau beli ini gittt.. tapi ga jadi abis kit gini setengah juta hahaha

    1. hahahahah setengah jetiiii emberannnn XD

  5. Benefit memang pricey sih kak, tp hasilnya oke banget hehe

  6. Packagingnya lucu bangeett.. =)


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