Akhir-akhir ini gue banyak mendengar sahabat dan saudara gue ngeluh ke gue tntang perasaan hati mereka..tentang pengalaman yang mereka alami.

Lagi-lagi sebuah kata yang bisa membuatmu menggila, membuatmu bertekuk lutut menyembah, membuatmu berani melakukan apapun sampai mati.. Satu kata yang begitu klise :

Cinta ~ disebut mereka.

Banyak pujangga berusaha merangkai kalimat indah untuk mendeskripsikan apa itu sang cinta.
Tetapi apapun arti dari maha penguasa emosi manusia ini, takkan ada artinya kalau kita tak berani berkorban...

Seorang sahabat terpaksa melepas cintanya hanya karena keegoisan manusia biasa, mengejar harta dan kekuasaan,,membutakan arti cinta..

Yang lainnya menangis karena merasa tak mampu menggapai sang dewi..

Yang lainnya merasa bodoh karena tak menyadari semua perasaannya selama ini..

Yang lainnya meraung-raung meneriakkan rindu tetapi tak terdengar oleh sang pangeran..

Begitu menakutkan akibat yang bisa dibuat oleh cinta. Air mata dan darah adalah yang diinginkan oleh cinta,, bahkan nyawa pun akan terlepas jika cinta sudah bicara..

Tapi,,seberapa pun mengerikannya cinta,,yang perlu diingat adalah :

~akan selalu ada harga yang mahal dari setiap perbuatan, dan harus kita bayar~

Menyakiti dan disakiti adalah resiko terindah dari kehidupan cinta.. Semakin dekat kita dengan cinta, semakin rentan cinta melukai kita.. Tetapi semakin cinta menjauh, semakin hampa pula hidup kita..

We need love..more than breathe..

Pesen gue,, JUST STAND UP.. mungkin ini semua memang berat, tapi jangan pernah ragu untuk mencintai..Karena di setiap cinta, kita pasti akan belajar tentang indahnya hidup..

Air mata? Tidak apa-apa, biarkan ia terjatuh dari matamu., biarkan ia mengalir lembut dan membisikkan kata indah teruntuk sang maha cinta.

Cinta ~ disebut mereka

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updated from Angels 1. hehehe.

Angels can be anything that we even never imagine before.
They can be in any shape, a creature, and even a sentence!!

It happened to me so long ago..i forget the time exactly..

I did not do some bad things in the morning, but my mom was in a big rage with me. I felt that i wasn't wrong! It wasn't all by my fault. I didn't admitted it as my mistake. We had a quarrel in the morning so I went to school with sad face and broken heart. She had blamed me. I felt so disappointed and disenchanted...

I tried to be patient..In the car, i tried so hard to not crying..Then a bus passed my car. I shocked with the word which written in the head of the body.


I am not lying!! The word was written like that!!! Then i felt so so so more cheered. God always has His own way to cheer us up!!

1 fact : angels can be any shape. realized them in every step that u take,,and share it !!!!

Angels 2

Friday, November 20, 2009

Do you believe in angels? What is inside your mind when i say the word 'angels'? Beautiful girls with big wings? Beautiful girls with long hair and crystallized tears? Beautiful girls with halo on their head? It's not wrong..yet none can describe it..

For me,,angels are real..I've heard a thousand stories about angels *started when i was a lil girl, the church thaught me who Gabriel is*..I always imagine about the angels, just like you (maybe), a beautiful young woman with a pair of big blue wings.. Then i realized someday, it's more amazing than a pair of beautiful blue wings..

Here i tell you a story about angels that *really* surrounds me...

This story is real,,happened in Angke, at about 4 years ago.. I can't forget this amazing experience!
I've done my science course in Duta Mas (near Angke). I looked my watch, 06.30 PM..night already. I felt so worried of myself. My mobile phone's battery was off, i couldn't call anyone then.. I looked my wallet,,OMG,, IDR 2000?? Am i kidding? NO.

I stared everything around me..a group of adult men, smoking under the tree and looking at me. Feel so scared inside, but i was still trying to calm down.. The traffic was unfriendly. Cars and motorcycles ran so fast that i wasn't brave enough to crossing the only way to get an angkot (sigh,i can't find 'angkot' in English) to take me home..

I stood there for a while,, i guess for a long time,,the men were still smoking and looking at me,,yet laughing at me..well i don't give any damn but i was still scared!

I looked my watch,,it was nearly 7 PM,,i thought of my mom,,she must be worried bout me,,but she couldn't contact me because of my stupid phone...

I realized that i was doing something useless,,for just wait and wait,,coz the fact is : the cars would never stop run here!!! and of course,,my feel went worse when i saw the decreased of pedestrians >.< and the sky was getting darker and darker. . .
Shortly, i was crossing the street with a maximum beat of my heart, because of the horn of the cars was too loud for me.

I thanked to God, then i smiled when a red angkot passed me.. I knew,,i was a little way to home,,coz the red angkot is the right angkot that can bring me to Cengkareng... I shouted to the red angkot. I sat into it. I threw a thankful breath..

But when the angkot rode for a long time,,I started to scared again. THIS WAS NOT MY WAY TO HOME!! Where was me??? I sweated a lot. "Mas, ini angkotnya mau kemana ya??" I asked the driver. He looked at me muzzy. "Ke kota, dek, adek salah naik ya? mau kemana kamu?" Well,like a great thunder hit me on the neck. I swallowed my saliva in. "Trus gimana mas? saya mau ke cengkareng!"..."Wahh,kamu harusnya naik 08,ini kan 02! kamu salah jalur, ini udah jauh lagi, nah loh, turun sini deh dek. 08 lagi ga lewat sini! jembatan ke cengkareng nya kan lagi diperbaiki, dek!!" he replied me muzzy. OMG what the hell?? Finally i stepped down from the 02 and he asked me to pay IDR 2000..THEN I LOST ALL OF MY MONEY. I really really wanted to cry.. What should i do????

It was a creepy place that i didn't know either the scope or which angkot to go home.
I shouted to God in my mind. I didn't know what to do. The sky was getting more dark. I felt so scared, yet can do nothing.

So i decided to walk. I was walking alone,,browsed the unknown street. I walked for a long time, i even didn't know how to cry, too confused to explain my feeling. I walked and walked. My feet felt so numb,,so tired after walking too far. There was no chair that i can lay my feet, the only view was trees and trees. I'm alone like this.

While i was still walking, while my fear grew and grew, i prayed in my heart, God, don't let me die here..At least gimme an untouched body,,so i will not scared with ABANG-ABANG MESUM... hikss..

I was still walking, i sweated all the time. THEN someone called me from behind. A black man riding a motorcycle called me. I swallowed my saliva in. I'm scare, God.

"Neng, mau kemana?" he asked me. BUT UNBELIEVABLE,,MY MOUTH ANSWERED HIM!!!! "Mau pulang tapi nyasar, om..." I realized that i couldn't feel my mouth and my voice! It spoke by itself!! "WHAT HAD YOU DONE STUPID GIRL?? HE CAN DO SOMETHING BAD TO YOU!! IT IS NIGHT AND THERE IS NO ONE HERE, STUPID!!" my mind told my mouth like that................"Jadi kamu mau saya anterin ga? rumah kamu dimana?" he asked me anymore.

"Di cengkareng om, saya mau tapi saya ga punya uang..." replied me. OMG!! MY MOUTH WAS OUT IF MY CONTROL!!!!!!! INSIDE, I WAS SO SO SO SO SO SCARED>WHAT THE FU*K AM I DOING?????

"Yauda gak apa2, ayo naik, saya anterin aja ya." he told me to riding his cycle. I knew it neither a good idea nor a smart way to trust an unknown man in the night and unknown creepy place..BUT MY MOUTH SPOKE BY ITSELF AND NOW MY BOTTOM MOVED TO HIS MOTORCYCLE BY ITSELF!!!! I felt so numb for them.

Then in my way home with him, i realized, LORD JESUS IS MY SAVIOUR,, HE IS ABSOLUTELY A GOOD MAN AND HE IS MY ANGEL OF THE DAY!!!!

"Kamu hati2 dong masa malam2 gini jalan sendirian? gak takut apa?" he asked me.
Then I, that already can feel my mouth, after a while, replied him, "Iya Om, saya tersesat. Om baik banget sih."
He giggled. "Engga neng. saya cuma searah saja. saya pusing neng. neng, kalo bole tau, neng mau ga saya jadi supir pribadi neng? saya ojekin deh tiap hari." he asked me.
"Mmm, kayanya ga bisa deh om, saya selalu nebeng saudara saya, cuma hari ini kebetulan saya ga bisa dijemput. maaf yah."

"Iya gapapa, saya cuma lagi nyari tambahan aja, istri saya sakit, saya butuh uang lebih, neng." he replied me. I felt so sad in the flash. Poor man. He was so nice.

THEN FINALLY I CAME HOME WITH MY FULL BODY AND MIND. HE WAS AN ANGEL OMG!!!!!! I went to my mom and gave him IDR 20.000..He looked at the money and his face showed me a very thankful expression.
"YA Oloh neng, makasih banyak ya."
"Semoga bisa bantu sedikit ya om," then i told him that i was saved by him..

OH GOD..he was my angel,,but he recognized me as his angel for tonight. I smiled in my heart..So sweet story that i would never ever forget..

STRANGE? It's a big yes.
RECOGNIZED SOMETHING?? It's a big yes. Angels are real..They come from God,,and they can have any shape of anything..

wish i can meet that man again,someday somehow..hehehe..

Love you all,


Ini UTS nirmana 2D guwe... whoahhh ^^

nirmana 2D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

When i fall in love,,it means .........

I want the best for him

I want him everywhere I am

I need to know his history

I need to show my habit, the good and the bad

I must to know what is he doing right now, or later

I think of him every single time I lay my head on the pillow

I will never imagine him in love with anyone else

I adore his smile

I adore his personality

I'm wishing for his best

I will dare myself to kiss him

I promise myself to treat him well

I promise myself to take care of him

I'm dreaming of him everyday

I'm ready to be hurted

I will say "I love you for everything you are"

when i fall in love~

Monday, November 16, 2009

Uhh..better to share a lil bit bout maiselv yakk >.<

Nama : Gita *ga pake Gutawa ato ketawa ato gatawu ato apapun kerrr*
Panggilan : Git, Ta, Gigit, Dek, Sapi *maunya sih 'rhea' hohoho*
Alamat : Claim dulu ke saia kalo anda akan kirim paket natal baru saia kasitau *hyahai*
Telpon : *no komen*

Makanan fave : I'm a vegetable & seafood lover, kalo daging na apa aja asal bukan babi,sapi,kambing,jeroan,kucing,anjing,kecoak,jangkrik,tulang KFC (??) *hoyohh*

Minuman fave : SUSU!!

5 top list in my bag : Hape, dompet, tissu, payung, sisir *cewe banget ya? hyahai*

Suasana ter-fave #1 : Kebangun pas lagi bobo,liad HP taunya masi jam 4 *still have 1 hour 20 minutes to continuing my lovely sleep*

Suasana ter-fave #2 : Mam indomi kuah anget2 pas ujan deres sambil dnger lagu 'kiss the rain' *ajiibbb..so mellow,bebh!!*

Suasana ter-bete #1 : Kebangun pas lagi bobo,liad HP taunya uda jam 5.20 *hoaaammm,.harus banun dehh*

Suasana ter-bete #2 : Pengen pipis banget dibarengi haus sangat tapi sikon tak mendukung *dan ga mngkin kan g auto urine,hufhh*

Hal ter-fave : Good scores

Hal ter-bete : Exam!

Tempat fave #1 : Di pelukan Mama ^^
Tempat fave #2 : My bedroom *include my studio..nih poto meja belajar g*

Tempat ter-bete #1 : Di manapun kalo kejebak macet!
Tempat ter-bete #2 : Di manapun tanpa ada my precious peoples >.<

Kebiasaan yang masi suka diprotes mama : #1) Gosok gigi sambil jalan2 (#2) Lupa kasi mam Taro *my dog* imut kannn dya? (#3) Ga mam malem *so sweet, mom! hihi*

Band fave : MCR *u rocks guys*

Band hate : Miss band a.k.a Kangen band *Wad are u doin there?*

Solo fave : Secondhand serenade *hiks*

Solo hate : Petra *yg nyanyi itu loh, cinta kemana-mana*

Mmm apa lagi ya??

Cita2?? : Disainer grafis suksesss (on progress kok,ehemm) *berasa anak TK ya ditanya gini hahaha*

Tokoh idola #1 : Jesus
Tokoh idola #2 : My parents
Tokoh idola #3 : My self *hahaha lol*

Tokoh hate #1 : Siapa ya, ga tau
Tokoh hate #2 : #1 aja binunnnn!!!

Khayalan fave #1 : Tiba2 bangun bobo,g punya sayap segede malaekat jibril
Khayalan fave #2 : Gerard Way ato Hideaki Takizawa ato Choky Sitohang datang ke rumah g trs kasi g bunga mawar putih *kyaaaa*
Khayalan fave #3 : Jakarta dinobatkan jadi kota terbersih dan terbaik di dunia!

Oke inaff ahh..kehabisan ide..hahah lol..kapan2 tulis lagi ^.<


Tentang Saya Lagi

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Isi pertanyaan berikut dengan jujur...
1. Kalo HP bunyi,,siapa yg muncul pertama kali di benak kamu?
2. Kalo hari ujan,,siapa yg kamu paling takut dy keujanan?
3. Pertama kali sign in MSN/YM,,siapa yg kamu harapin lagi online?
4. Siapa yg kamu harapkan ngucapin 'met ultah' pertama kali?
5. Siapa yg kamu ingin tahu kegiatannya di kala kamu sedang termenung sepi?
6. Siapa yg kamu anggap paling bisa hibur kamu saat sdih?
7. Siapa yg kamu anggap paling ngerti apa mau kamu?
8. Siapa yg kamu harap ada di sebelah kamu saat tiba2 kamu sakit perut?
9. Siapa yg kamu harap mengusap punggungmu saat kamu merasa gelisah?
10. Siapa yg kamu pun tak tahu mengapa,,tapi ketika menyentuh tangannya,,seluruh nadimu memompa darah lebih cepat?


11. Siapa yg kamu pun tak tahu mengapa,,ingin selalu tahu segala tentangnya dan ketika ia tersenyum,,kau tahu bahwa dunia itu indah?

Jika ada 1 nama yg menjadi jawaban lebih dari 5 nomor,,kamu pasti telah menjatuhkan hatimu padanya...

LOVE HAS NO REASON,,and when it has a reason,,it will be only "Because i need you"...

Mencintai seseorang bukan karena fisiknya yg sempurna, kemampuan2 intelektualnya, atau bahkan materi yg ia miliki...
Mencintai seseorang berarti membutuhkan dia dimana pun kita berada...
Mencintai seseorang berarti tak bisa tenang sebelum tahu dia baik2 saja...
Mencintai seseorang berarti memberikan yang terbaik hanya untuknya...

This what i called LOVE ...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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