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Do you believe in angels? What is inside your mind when i say the word 'angels'? Beautiful girls with big wings? Beautiful girls with long hair and crystallized tears? Beautiful girls with halo on their head? It's not wrong..yet none can describe it..

For me,,angels are real..I've heard a thousand stories about angels *started when i was a lil girl, the church thaught me who Gabriel is*..I always imagine about the angels, just like you (maybe), a beautiful young woman with a pair of big blue wings.. Then i realized someday, it's more amazing than a pair of beautiful blue wings..

Here i tell you a story about angels that *really* surrounds me...

This story is real,,happened in Angke, at about 4 years ago.. I can't forget this amazing experience!
I've done my science course in Duta Mas (near Angke). I looked my watch, 06.30 PM..night already. I felt so worried of myself. My mobile phone's battery was off, i couldn't call anyone then.. I looked my wallet,,OMG,, IDR 2000?? Am i kidding? NO.

I stared everything around me..a group of adult men, smoking under the tree and looking at me. Feel so scared inside, but i was still trying to calm down.. The traffic was unfriendly. Cars and motorcycles ran so fast that i wasn't brave enough to crossing the only way to get an angkot (sigh,i can't find 'angkot' in English) to take me home..

I stood there for a while,, i guess for a long time,,the men were still smoking and looking at me,,yet laughing at me..well i don't give any damn but i was still scared!

I looked my watch,,it was nearly 7 PM,,i thought of my mom,,she must be worried bout me,,but she couldn't contact me because of my stupid phone...

I realized that i was doing something useless,,for just wait and wait,,coz the fact is : the cars would never stop run here!!! and of course,,my feel went worse when i saw the decreased of pedestrians >.< and the sky was getting darker and darker. . .
Shortly, i was crossing the street with a maximum beat of my heart, because of the horn of the cars was too loud for me.

I thanked to God, then i smiled when a red angkot passed me.. I knew,,i was a little way to home,,coz the red angkot is the right angkot that can bring me to Cengkareng... I shouted to the red angkot. I sat into it. I threw a thankful breath..

But when the angkot rode for a long time,,I started to scared again. THIS WAS NOT MY WAY TO HOME!! Where was me??? I sweated a lot. "Mas, ini angkotnya mau kemana ya??" I asked the driver. He looked at me muzzy. "Ke kota, dek, adek salah naik ya? mau kemana kamu?" Well,like a great thunder hit me on the neck. I swallowed my saliva in. "Trus gimana mas? saya mau ke cengkareng!"..."Wahh,kamu harusnya naik 08,ini kan 02! kamu salah jalur, ini udah jauh lagi, nah loh, turun sini deh dek. 08 lagi ga lewat sini! jembatan ke cengkareng nya kan lagi diperbaiki, dek!!" he replied me muzzy. OMG what the hell?? Finally i stepped down from the 02 and he asked me to pay IDR 2000..THEN I LOST ALL OF MY MONEY. I really really wanted to cry.. What should i do????

It was a creepy place that i didn't know either the scope or which angkot to go home.
I shouted to God in my mind. I didn't know what to do. The sky was getting more dark. I felt so scared, yet can do nothing.

So i decided to walk. I was walking alone,,browsed the unknown street. I walked for a long time, i even didn't know how to cry, too confused to explain my feeling. I walked and walked. My feet felt so numb,,so tired after walking too far. There was no chair that i can lay my feet, the only view was trees and trees. I'm alone like this.

While i was still walking, while my fear grew and grew, i prayed in my heart, God, don't let me die here..At least gimme an untouched body,,so i will not scared with ABANG-ABANG MESUM... hikss..

I was still walking, i sweated all the time. THEN someone called me from behind. A black man riding a motorcycle called me. I swallowed my saliva in. I'm scare, God.

"Neng, mau kemana?" he asked me. BUT UNBELIEVABLE,,MY MOUTH ANSWERED HIM!!!! "Mau pulang tapi nyasar, om..." I realized that i couldn't feel my mouth and my voice! It spoke by itself!! "WHAT HAD YOU DONE STUPID GIRL?? HE CAN DO SOMETHING BAD TO YOU!! IT IS NIGHT AND THERE IS NO ONE HERE, STUPID!!" my mind told my mouth like that................"Jadi kamu mau saya anterin ga? rumah kamu dimana?" he asked me anymore.

"Di cengkareng om, saya mau tapi saya ga punya uang..." replied me. OMG!! MY MOUTH WAS OUT IF MY CONTROL!!!!!!! INSIDE, I WAS SO SO SO SO SO SCARED>WHAT THE FU*K AM I DOING?????

"Yauda gak apa2, ayo naik, saya anterin aja ya." he told me to riding his cycle. I knew it neither a good idea nor a smart way to trust an unknown man in the night and unknown creepy place..BUT MY MOUTH SPOKE BY ITSELF AND NOW MY BOTTOM MOVED TO HIS MOTORCYCLE BY ITSELF!!!! I felt so numb for them.

Then in my way home with him, i realized, LORD JESUS IS MY SAVIOUR,, HE IS ABSOLUTELY A GOOD MAN AND HE IS MY ANGEL OF THE DAY!!!!

"Kamu hati2 dong masa malam2 gini jalan sendirian? gak takut apa?" he asked me.
Then I, that already can feel my mouth, after a while, replied him, "Iya Om, saya tersesat. Om baik banget sih."
He giggled. "Engga neng. saya cuma searah saja. saya pusing neng. neng, kalo bole tau, neng mau ga saya jadi supir pribadi neng? saya ojekin deh tiap hari." he asked me.
"Mmm, kayanya ga bisa deh om, saya selalu nebeng saudara saya, cuma hari ini kebetulan saya ga bisa dijemput. maaf yah."

"Iya gapapa, saya cuma lagi nyari tambahan aja, istri saya sakit, saya butuh uang lebih, neng." he replied me. I felt so sad in the flash. Poor man. He was so nice.

THEN FINALLY I CAME HOME WITH MY FULL BODY AND MIND. HE WAS AN ANGEL OMG!!!!!! I went to my mom and gave him IDR 20.000..He looked at the money and his face showed me a very thankful expression.
"YA Oloh neng, makasih banyak ya."
"Semoga bisa bantu sedikit ya om," then i told him that i was saved by him..

OH GOD..he was my angel,,but he recognized me as his angel for tonight. I smiled in my heart..So sweet story that i would never ever forget..

STRANGE? It's a big yes.
RECOGNIZED SOMETHING?? It's a big yes. Angels are real..They come from God,,and they can have any shape of anything..

wish i can meet that man again,someday somehow..hehehe..

Love you all,


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Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.
Ephesians 3:20