What I need

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

i need fingers, that bigger than mine, so the fingers will always hold mine & guard me into a bright future..i need the fingers of him.

i need a shoulder that bigger than mine, so the shoulder will be comfortable enough for me to put my head unto it when i can't hold my tears anymore. i need a shoulder of him.

i need a pair of arms that longer than mine, so the arms will hug mine warmly & protect me against every bad things. i need his arms.

i need a lips that softer than mine, so the lips will kiss mine softly to tell me that the owner of the lips is loving me so huge. i need a lips of him.

i need a fist that stronger than mine, so the fist will punch everyone that had threatening me. i need a fist of him.

i need a pair of eyes that sharper than mine, so those eyes could stare at mine and whispering me a silent love poem. i need the eyes of him.

i need a pair of ears that wider than mine, so those ears could always be there to hear my scream every time i feel uneasy and depressed. i need his ears.

i need a body that taller than mine, so the body will always stand behind mine and direct me to the right way. i need a body of him.

i need a voice that sweeter than mine, so the voice could sing a love song for me & tell me motivations everyday. i need a voice of him.

i need him.
not just for every part of his.

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