Hi! I wanna share about my 5 lovely things! Actually, I have sooo much and too much things that I love.. But this is what I love the most :D

1. I ♥ My Boyfriend

I love all of my family, mom, dad, grannies, and etc. I love my besties too! But it kinda usual. This guy, named Darius. He is my only one ^^♥ Yeah, we might had some trouble and anger at each other, but we can manage it very well! ;) uhh, I can't stop loving him!

2. I ♥ Art

I love art so much! Since I were young (and now still young!) I love to draw anything. I love dancing too. And recently, I love make myself look prettier *wink*
I love using make up tools, of course I learned it all by myself, yeah youtube tutorials, and fashion blogs are included! :D I love making myself look different in any kind of style! ♥

3. I ♥ Salmon

I do really love trying new genre of food. Any culture of any country is so yes! But in fact, I can't stand with this yummy thing! I love eating sushi the most, but salmon is so much better! Why? Dunno. Just eat that, guys, you'll taste a fish of heave (yes i am exaggerating) ROFTL!

4. I ♥ Raindrops

I love it when the sky are grey and rain starts fall from the clouds. I like the weather, cold and I would stay in my blanket for a long time >3<
Yes, it has a mellow aura, but I love it! I love melancholy things :')

5. I ♥ Music

Any kind of music that comfortable with my ears. I love listening to music with my big headset in the middle of the night, of course while killing my insomnia attack :((
It's funny how music can change my mood, from sad to happy, from cool to rock, but never feel bored.... ^^

that's all I thing. If you ask me to write down my lovely things again, maybe it would be 3 pages alone. Wkwkwkwk. Thanks for reading. I love you too, readers! :D ♥

5 Things I Love ♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hi! Long time no sharing!
I am quite busy and now I have my free time as my holidays came up :D *clapping hand*

I wanna review a Korean movie. I watched it yesterday with my campus besties

Hello Ghost

Cha Tae Hyun

Did you know, personally I don't really like his face. Though I love Korean dramas, K-pops, and so on, but for me, this guy had a wonderfully funny face, and so not my type. Hahaha.

Well, that's maybe the reason why he always plays the 'unlucky' guy. Yes, he played as the main character on 'My Sassy Girl' movie (2001).

Look at that pretty funny face. LOL

But in this photo, he looks so nice, with cute face >3<
yeahh I think it's depends on how you take the picture!

Now, for the review: I am surely RECOMMEND all of you to watch this movie. Why? This movie is sooo touchingg....errrgg I cried inside the studio, huhuhu..

This film is teaching you about loving a family and making great friends with ghosts *oops*
But don't worry, coz this film aren't spooky or creepy though it's title sounds lyk that :p

well, maybe i'll make a review about next movie that i watch.
have a nice holiday, everyone! *smooch*

Hello Ghost Movie -review

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