Hello !! ^D^

Yesterday I took a light photoshoot with my friend, Sherly. We went to beach nearby our houses (we are neighbor, btw ;p).

The weather is so friendly, at about 5 o'clock but still bright and warm ^3^ !! We took some poses and we had fun :)

These are the photos..
I love to hear your comments :)

This is Sherly Chen. She wore a great greaaatt shirt that sounds "RUN DMC" *kyaaaa*
She posed sooo sexy and I love that staring eyes

This is meeee >3< *shy*
OMG I feel sooooo fat hhuuhhuhuhu T_T this is holiday and I think I get fat :'(
I love the dress btw, so lovely with laces everywhere ^^


This is what we used yesterday. We wrote the description and the brands :)
I have a lil regret that I didn't use my heels! >..<


Sherly with her (another) sexy pose ^3^
I do really adore that heels!!!!! SO CHIC!!!

And this is me (again). I love the headband. It's Sherly's. Hahaha. Looks weird, huh? T-T
I am fat. *crying*

That's all guys. Thanks for reading. Have a great holiday! *hugs*

My Autumn Photoshoot

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is some of my rough sketches when I have nothing to do ^^;
And now I know that these sketches can be use for my portfolio.

I love drawing since kid. Don't be mean :p

My Recent Rough Sketches

Thursday, August 25, 2011

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