My Recent Rough Sketches

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is some of my rough sketches when I have nothing to do ^^;
And now I know that these sketches can be use for my portfolio.

I love drawing since kid. Don't be mean :p


  1. Hi rhea thank you so much for dropping by in my blog sure i would love to follow you. followed you thru gfc. Hope you can do the same to me =) i really love your sketches esp. the 4th sketch lol i really admire people with that kind of talent. i wanted to own that kind of talent too =(

  2. @Nana Granada thanks nana :D now i am following you back ^^

  3. eh lihat gambarmu jadi inget aku pas sem 1 kuliah gambar bentuk, nice drawing (*.*)


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