My Summer Gothic Potoshoot

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Heii everyone!! ^^

I wanna share about my potoshoot last Tuesday. This time, I made a shoots about little naughty Gothic girl.. Such a long concept, huh? Hehehehe. LOL.

My friend, Victor took the shoots for me. We had fun all day and these are the photos.


"I am a lil stalker, I can steal your gold and heart!"


Looks so nice with the tone of the photo.


What a lovely leaves!! My friend's house is really vintage. I love this spot sooo much! XD


(Again) dark spot for a stalker like me!


What I wear and what I used. :)


Thanks for reading guys, and I love to hear your comments! ^^
See ya~

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  1. Hii I just have some blog walking and find this blog.. At the first i think u're a korean but I know that u're an Indonesian.. Good to see you :)


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