Pocari Sweat Dance Competition

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hii :D
Today I wanna share about my dance cover review. It was a really fun things to do. I love dance so much. This is my dance team, Mocca Kisu. We learn about the dance for just about 2 weeks because of our busy studies *sigh*

The dance cover plays AKB48 song - Heavy Rotation with an average medium dancing moves.

We took place at UMN (my college) to shoot this video, with my boyfriend, and Karin's boyfriend as the videographer. Yeah, still lot of mistakes :(

So here is the pictures :D

Mocca Kisu :I love youuuu~:

Mocca Kisu personels

Me and my boy 

Costume 1 - school girls

Posing with the mics

This is us, Mocca Kisu, and these are the members: 

Me, Gita Lesmana

Karina Hasyim, the dance leader

Dhyanita Desti

Karina Elisa

Costume 2 - Sweet classy girls *wahahah*

So thats all the review about our dance project. You want to see the result? *wink*
Please kindly support us by liking our dance cover on youtube. Here is the link:
Thanks so much !!!! *kiss*

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