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Korean Actresses That Inspired Me


While I am waiting for my indent pocket camera, I can't make a beauty review, so I want to share about Korean actress that inspired my style and make-up.
Since I prefer Korean style than Japanese, I always searching and learning about their make-up. The make-up is usually looks simple yet elegant, but it quite hard to do. Japanese style is more childish, cute, and adorable. But Korean is more elegant, simple, fresh, and warm.
So here we go, the actresses that I love the most:

1. Sunny SNSD
She is one of the most influential girlband nowadays, SNSD or Girls Generation. Everybody knows them, and many adores them ^^
I love her cute face, full lips (makes her more sexy), and her smile. Do you think the same? She is so adorable. Arghhh!

her wide mouth still cute, huh

2. Yoon Eun Hye

She is more known when played is Goong (Princess Hours). She has a similar lips with Sunny, with wide mouth and full mouth.
I love her starry eyes, idk why she is so sexy and she just not make it up! My boyfriend adores her so much, he has many of her photos in his phone *sad* ahahha..

cuteness overload!
still hot with short hair

3. Tiffany SNSD

Another SNSD member, the former leader, Tiffany. She has a great voice and her dance is so flexible, I just love 2 out of 9 members od SNSD, idk why, the others just like ordinary Korean women. Hehehe.
She is so cute and pretty, isn't she?

so simple but still gorgeous!

4. Suzy Bae

She is member of Miss A girlband, and I think she is the leader now. Though she is younger than me, but still I adore her just like another professional singer and dancer. She played in K-drama, Dream High 1 and 2, too. Maybe her face seems to be grumpy and fierce, but she has a sweet smile ^^

still cute with dirt in nose :3
i promise i will make her makeup tutorial here, SOON! ^^

with her blonde dyed hair

5. Sandara Park

She is member of 2NE1 girlband. She may not too pretty just like another girlband or maybe the four up there ^. But still, I like her personality and her makeup style. Glamour, fresh, cheerful, but simple looks.

became etude house brand icon

So those are my inspirations in make-up and style nowadays :D
I was love to dress up like Japanese women, gyaru, and sometimes crazy makeup like extreme Japanese girls do. But now I have found my identity I guess.

Do you girls think that they are adorable too? Tell me what you think ^^

See you in another post! 


  1. Nice post! Sandara Park also inspires me with her make up looks. I also like Sunny but my fave is Jessica, with her angelic voice and cuteness *-*

  2. Sunny <333

    RE: Ok let's do that! :D

  3. Such a great post, they are all so pretty! X

  4. They are beautifull all ^^ Thank you! For me it's really interesting, bcuz I've never know anything about Asian beauties ^^ and actually I like how the asian girls look... But my knowledge about actresses is limited with holywood's actresses=)

  5. your Blog is very cute as well :P thank you for your nice comment, i´ll follow you now.

  6. Dara is really natural pretty! :) I like these looks.

    keep in touch :)

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  7. @Eva Tornado aw, thanks dear. i love watching hollywood actress too, but i think my face cannot match with their makeup, i have small eyes *shy* heheh. i love emma watson, avril lavigne, katy perry, and taylor swift ! <3

  8. @Joyce yes dara is natural pretty... followed you back, ahh, i love giveaways :D thx

  9. i loooove dara 2NE1, she's so cute and stylish!!:D

  10. I like Suzy and Sandara Park! and more and more KPop girls..

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog, i hope we can be friends too, now following, can't wait for you to follow me back!

    Scarr xx

  12. i like sandara Park.yOONA OF SNSD is also preety!Not a korean but a huge fan of Kpop artist and dramas.:-)
    Love your blog.

  13. @alchi yonjen thanks dear :D me too, im following your blog ^^

  14. they are all just superrrrr pretty x)
    i follow ur blog. would u mind to follback my blog? :)

  15. Sandara Park & Yoon Eun Hye are the most beautiful! ヅ

    P.S. You may visit our blog & we'd love it more if we follow each other, please let me know if you're interested.

    Thanks! ヅ

  16. @anita widi that was right ^^ yes, i followed back yours :)

  17. Hi Rhea! Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Did you say you're following us? Was it thru GFC? We don't see your name there...
    Anyways, you got a new follower thru GFC#70.
    Please come back & we are waiting for you to do the same. ヅ

  18. I really like your blog. :)
    I also invite you to me...

  19. I like Dara the most!She is so cute and still look young xD
    following your blog now :)


  20. i didn't know tiffany was former leader of snsd lol

  21. i love sunny, fany, and suzy as well ^^
    but i don't think so Suzy is the leader of Miss A.. As far as I know, Miss A don't have a leader.. but some says that the leader role in Miss A match with Fei or Jia..
    Suzy is the maknae :)

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