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Real Life Barbie Dolls


Hi Ladies, tell me the truth, do you girls like to play Barbie doll? I am one of its biggest fans ever! I have her big house and stuffs in my house :D I love to play Barbie since I was 4 years old. But now I found another toys - makeup! :LOL:

So, today I found a Barbie girl IRL. Her name is Valerie Lukyanova, a girl from Ukrania. She is 23 now (2012). Do you want to have a body and face like her??

She is so DOLLY LIKE! Big breasts (DD), long straight blonde hair, ultra small waist, flawless skin, tiny face, tiny nose, big sparkling eyes, and long straight legs!
She is totally a Barbie!

Here she is:
adore her heels!

Do you girls think that she even has a stomach? That was too small! *can't watch*

OMG! Cute!

sexy valerie

this is my barbie

*end of photos*
do you want more?? go to:

Well. Many girls try so hard to be like Barbie without makup anymore, the one and only way i plastic surgery.

Another girl: known as Dakota Rose, but in the internet she is known as Kota Koti.

I love her style more than Valerie, though both are cute! :D
Dakota is more Asian looks like, isn't she?

cutenes overload!!!!

Hmm. But if someone ask me to pay my plastic surgery to become a real life plastic doll like this, I would refuse it :) I love myself for what I am now. I will use that big amount of money to buy make-up tools, dresses, wigs, lenses, cameras, andddd whoaaaaa (* 3 *)/ Hehehehhe *slapped*

Hey wait! I think I once do a photoshoot with Barbie theme! :D

barbie me *fail*
HAHAHA. It is fail, isn't it?? I am not blonde, my eyes are black, and small. :)

Ok. That's all my sharing tonight. Stay pretty, Ladies! Love you!


  1. The barbie Rhea is super cute! and I would love to be barbie like (well for the clear skin at least).
    Valerie really does look barbie like- very cool! - I have to stalk all her photos now!

    thanks for the blog comment- of course we can follow eachother! Im following you for sure

  2. Valerie looks like she's trying too hard, not healthy looking at all but i like kota koti and her turorials ^^ dunno if she had surgery but looks natural to me ^^ and you look so cute as a Barbie doll *_* love your dress and HK necklace !

  3. Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I’ll follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  4. thanks for your comment :) I follow you now, it's your turn :)

  5. hi dear❤ I just found your cute blog ^ω^ Can we follow each other?

  6. Kota Koti is indeed beautiful.

  7. WOw
    they do look just like dolls!

    BB Cream Review
    Trends I LOVE

    I appreciate your feedbacks :)

  8. I was a big Barbie fan when I was younger. I had so many and I loveed chaning their clothes all the time.
    Those girl really look like a doll, but honestly I do not like that look on a real human. Looks a bit too plastic for my taste.

    Your photo looks pretty and girlie, but still human. And thats how i like it better :)
    Maybe you can check my blog and follow if you like. Promise to follow back :)

  9. Oh, man. I agreed with you! I don't want to plastic surgery myself O_O

  10. Ohhhh thank you <333

    I love dokota More than the other girl, I think she's not natural an irreal, dakota is more "natural" ^^

  11. Wow they really do look like barbies. I find it pretty scary that they have those proportions!

    Thanks for the visit over to my blog - of course we can follow each other! Following you now and hope you do the same for me!

  12. Aku baca ceritanya Valerie di majalah nyata, tapi baru kali ini lihat foto bagian perutnya o_O agak2 serem ya..kecil bangett.. kalau yang dakota~ aku suka sama wajahnya he5 bener2 kayak boneka XD

  13. @Jodie aww thanks Jodie, you are so sweet :D

  14. @TorukoGyaru yess and valerie looks so plastic and fake. love kota koti more :) thanks dear ^^

  15. Great post! followed you, would love if you followed back!

  16. @Ancia yes that was the best part, changing her style and hair :D ahh i miss my barbie :LOL:
    sure, i will follow you ^^ thanksss

  17. @Tashiatos yes dear, never do a plastic surgery :) me too

  18. both of them are incredibly pretty and gorgeous!! I wonder how could they ever maintain that tiny waist and lean legs..hmmm..

  19. I like natural barbie just like what u did actually, those two have gone too far, I've read many about them back them along with their controversial news and I found it's no longer fun to know more about how they're having plastic surgery or how Kota always do photoshopping her pics, they don't bring a good influence for teenager IMHO :)

    I love Barbie though, I adore them but luckily not obsessed :)

    Hope you don't get offended, I'll wait for your barbie make up tutorial since it's better than photoshopping / surgery :)

  20. This is unreal! So so crazy that they all look like barbie dolls!

    A Southern Drawl

  21. I know about Kota Koti. And wow Valeria Lukyanova is real barbie. I wonder how she looks like in real person. O.O

  22. @Janet me too, i wonder how could she doing that everyday x_X

  23. @noniq No dear, i am not get offended, I am with you. We are have same opinion :D those girls are just too obsessed to be a doll :( they are pretty though.

    yes i will do it soon, thanks a lot sweety!

  24. @Ginny Hana ◕‿◕。as long as i know, she has a real blonde hair and green eyes :)

  25. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Barbie!!!! Love this post!! Thanks so much for following my blog...I'm a new follower of yours as well!


  26. Both you and barbie are pretty and cute,
    black eyes are gorgeous sweetie ;)


  27. Thanks for visiting my blog. She looks so cute.

  28. oh my God, is that real?
    they're too cute! *speechless*

    thanks for dropping some comment on my blog
    anyway im following you now, mind to follow me back? :D

  29. They look like dolls :)
    Sounds good, I'm following you know follow me back <3

  30. That's so crazy, they really do look like dolls! I wonder how it's achieved ... everything looks unrealistically proportioned in a cartoonish, exaggerated way. I guess it's not a standard most of us can achieve :P

  31. I love your blog! And this post is awesome! She is a real barbie! I have posted my own Shoe Story. If you have a minute, I want to hear your comment about it. ♥

    Blow A Rainbow

  32. i couldn't tell if those girls were real or not. kind of scary looking not going to lie haha. but, thank you for checking out my blog! i followed you!

  33. You are sooooo gorgeous !!! I love to follow you at GFC and would be more than happy if you could follow me too;) Great pics ( those dolls look real !!! Awesome;)) Hugs from Germany Isa

  34. Omg that woman is unreal. I don't know if I would want her whole body and face, but I wouldn't mind having her boobs lol

    You look cute as a barbie ;)

    xox jane

  35. Great post, but they look very unnatural :( lol
    I'm following you and I love your blog!! Will you follow back?

  36. @Jane hahah yeah her boobs are big.. thanks jane :D

  37. they're look so NATURALLY :D

  38. Great post! followed you, would love if you followed back!

  39. heeey .. i'd love following each other (:

  40. Wow barbie but in real life amazing post!!

    Love from Emi, your newest follower.

  41. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog. AND yes we should follow each other, I am following you now... please follow me back.

    Much Love,

  42. Omfghjkl how can that kind of curves be possible ! Her waist is so thin that it's so unreal ! O____O And that Dakota, she is so beautiful ~ ^^ Imagine every girl in this world to look like Barbie. That wouldn't be nice right? I agree with you on that plastic surgery - everyone should look like they really are ~ That way everyone will be unique :)

  43. @Annika you are right, i wonder how she maintain the waist, it is so tiny and looks fragile :(

  44. haha u look adorable anyways.. love the barbie post.

    xo, Carla

  45. Lovely post and amazing images. I like Dakota Rose.
    thx for you sweet comment:)
    xx chris

  46. this symbole looks very cute *-* and your blog is very interesting and cute x:


  47. Nice blog dear!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  48. It's obvious that Valerie had some surgery done since those hips are unreal! But Dakota, I think she can pull off the doll look with makeup and perfect lighting.

  49. The first few photos are truly scary! I love the way you looked dressed up like Barbie, very pretty and super cute!


  50. oh my, she DOES look like Barbie! You look very pretty too! Like your look better than hers(hers is wayyyyyy too made-up)

    Found your blog and following you :) Hop by mine if you'd like too!

  51. @Small Town Gal she does. aww thanks *shy* followed yours too

  52. Congrats dear! Beautiful blog! Thanks hun for your comment and an idea to follow each other. Following your beautiful blog and waiting for you among my followers



  53. thanks for comment my blog.
    Of course we can follow each other. I follow your blog now, so it's your turn. ^^

  54. Honestly, the only thing I envy about Barbie is her wardrobe...but I think to try to look too much like her is kind of freaky.

  55. lOVELY BLOG YOU HAVE HERE! am following you now via gfc and bloglovin :) hope you could check out my blog and follow me back!

    xoxo, alee

  56. follow you too


  57. Honey!!! These girls are cute and lovely but..just be yourself! you are so good too even if not a doll!!! we are not all barbie com'on!!!! I gladly support you through GFC and BLOGLOVIN! I'm on all these sites too!!! If you want we can follow each other!!! it would be a pleasure!!!
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    TheSparklingCinnamon BLOGLOVIN

  58. OH! your barbie shoot inspired me! love your blog :D visit mine as well will ya?

  59. you look beautiful >.<
    are they (the barbie-look-alike models) real humans?
    too doll-ish!
    and they have very biiiggggg boobs *envy* :D


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