REVIEW: Ramen 1 (Ramen-Ichi)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

How are you today? I want to make a short review about this Japanese restaurant located in Mall Summarecon Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia. They have four branches: Tangerang, Depok, Cibubur, and of course Jakarta.

the main logo

And I went there with my boyfriend after work time. I ordered Fish Katsudon and Agedashi Tofu. He ordered Basic Ramen. They have many ramens with many flavors, but the basic ramen is the standart one. I always love restaurants that could refill your drinks, and Ramen1 gives you free refill for only hot/cold Ocha (Japanese tea).

Fish Katsudon

Basic Ramen

Agedashi Tofu

 They have a good decoration, standart for a restaurant inside malls.


We only pay at about 77.000 IDR (76 US$) for four items. Quite standart for nowadays restaurants inside the mall. The portion wasn't too big for us. I still feel hungry, but it was okay, i am on diet too :LOL:

♥ The decoration is enough
♥ Free refill ocha ^^v
♥ Waiters are nice

* The food come with a long time of waiting!

Come Again? Maybe no.

Food: 3 of 5
(1 for very bad, 3 for enough, 5 for greats)

Place: 3 of 5
(1 for terrible, 3 for comfy enough, 5 for love it!)

Service: 4 of 5
(1 for "i wanna punch that waitress' face!", 3 for it's ok, 5 for "OMG, they should got an award of friendliness")

Price: 3 of 5
(1 for cheap, 3 for standart nowadays, 5 for too expensive)

OVERALL: 3 of 5

Tell me what are you thinking :)

Ah, I really want to make some beauty reviews, but I still waiting for my pocket camera, finally I can buy one to make a good pictures for you all ^^.. Thanks for reading!


  1. waah murah ya, aku baru tau restoran jepang ada yang murah gitu xD sayang tempatnya jauh dari rumahku T.T

  2. I am getting hungry already, I think I would enjoy to the food too.

  3. I am in the same situation :D I am waiting my camera :D Excellent review! ^^ I want to eat now...

  4. @melissayurika hahahaha iya emang rmh kamu dmn dear? cobain deh, not too pricey but tastes good.

  5. @Eva Tornado really? ahhh we are the same ^^ hehhehe..thanks dear :3

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  7. @miss rheaaku di jakarta barat sekitar Latumenten, tau ga? hehe. aku biasa juga suka makan di Ajisen ramen, ga terlalu mahal dan enak :D

  8. @Anne followed you back! ^^ thanks dear

  9. @melissayurika tau dooong, dlu aku SMA di BHK grogol kok heheheh.. wah iya tuh ajisen juga enak, sushinya mayan jg ^^

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  14. wahhh jadi laper >.< kalo di jakarta ada di mana itu? pengen cobain :D

  15. @Putri Indah heheh iya cbain ajaa, lumayan enakkk. di jakrta adanya di margo mall, tpi aku gatw mall itu ada dmn :)

  16. Have you tried Sushi Tei before? I heard the review was good.

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  18. @nesa thanks dear, im followed you back ^^

  19. @Ginny Hana ◕‿◕。 No, i am not eating sushi at Ramen1, but i want to try it someday ^^

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