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REVIEW: Skin Food Aloe Vera BB-Cream


Like I said before, I want to share about my bb cream. I love skin food bb cream, because it makes a enough coverage, not to thick and not too thin.

So here it is:

back packaging

SPF 20 PA+

Here is the swatch on my hand. A little bit browny, but when applied to face, it will blend well with your skin, and make a good coverage. My skin is not too white, since I am an Asian and mine has an olive color.

creamy bb cream

The smell was good, just like aloe lotion of mine. I put this bb cream on my right side, and my left side is my bare skin, with nothing at all. It do brightening my face but did not make any different unnatural color to my face :D

can you notice the difference?

And this is my FOTD, with bb cream on the left side too :) Just apply a little bit of black eyeshadow and not using a powder or blush on, just bb-cream.

looks like hamster and so chubby :"(

What I Like:
♥ Smells nice
♥ Brightening my face 
♥ Blend well with my face and not changing my face color
♥ Nice coverage
♥ Not oily
♥ Has SPF 20 PA+

What I Dislike:
* Pricey
* Not too long lasting
* Standart packaging

Purchase again? Maybe, but still want to try another bb-cream XD

What do you think, Ladies? ^^


  1. Lovely blog!! Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
    Stephilà Creations-Myfashionblog

  2. I like products from aloe :) I'm following you now :)

  3. lovely review! I´ve never tried bb cream before, may be I should try it.

    xx chris

  4. I love BB cream! I use 17, which is ok most of the time, but doesn't give much coverage when I'm having a breakout, and if you put too much you start to look a bit odd!

    Pip x

  5. the coverage is pretty good ya :D
    ive followed you ;)

  6. @Pip ♥ yes youre right. thanks for the tips :D

  7. thanks for sharing :D
    love the bb cream

  8. haai...
    udah nyobain bbcream lokal? caring?? compare dooong

    btw, aku udah follow blog kamu

  9. have a nice blog too here... :)
    Kinda like it the food review you made, bikin laper hehehe
    Sudah aku follow ya...

  10. Nice review ^^ looks very natural. Does it make you breakout?

  11. bb cream never fail to give effortless natural look!
    i've try this once.. it break me out badly (haha.. every foundatioin break me out) does it break you out?

    anw i've follow you..


  12. thank you for your words on my blog pretty!
    sure let's follow each other!
    I'm following you, now it's your turn :D

    Wulan Wu on

  13. BB cream is a really good product !

  14. Hey Rhea, thanks for commenting!

    That cream really does brighten your skin, the difference is amazing! And yet it looks natural as you said :)

    d a n i e l l e |

  15. I've always wanted this but it's too light for my skin :(
    yeah let's follow each other1
    I followed you
    your turn :)

    Trends I Love
    Easy Heatless Curls

  16. I used to have this and really liked using it too! It provided decent coverage but didn't feel very heavy on my skin :)

  17. Cool product! Now following!

  18. it looks very good and the package is so cute :)

  19. @Lady Klepon hahah iya ntar kapan2 aku coba deh bb cream lokal, penasaran jg :D thanks ya

  20. @TorukoGyaru no dear, did not make me breakout, i love this product ^^

  21. @it caught my eyes aww really? :( no it did not break me out, dear, yeaa i followed u back ^^

  22. @Melmo yes, i think you'd love it too :D

  23. that seems really interesting.

  24. Love your blog :) follow you now!
    If you want, have a look at my blog & if you like, follow back.
    Love your style <3 Greetings Emma

  25. hey nice blog ! i like it ! maybe we follow each other !? let me know ! greetings

  26. what a great blog, full of inspirations, what about following each other?? tell me if it`s ok for you, greetings

  27. Great post dear, I love your review!
    Thanks for the love on my blog :) If you like my blog enough to follow me then that would be lovely :) I know I'd return the favour because I really like yours!
    Georgia x

  28. Looks good on you! It was pretty oily on me =(

  29. I tried this too but unfortunately it gave me pimples so I stopped using it. Too bad coz I like the finish and the price is affordable.

    1. really? ah.. mungkin ga cocok sm kulit km >..< cb yg lain aja :D

  30. Thanks for sharing with us your very detailed review of this Skinfood product. I will wait for your another review of beauty products. Have a nice day!

  31. I like Made from Earth's Aloe & Jojoba Lotion a lot. My skin absorbs it instantly and there is a definite feel of hydration. I like the fact that it is hypoallergenic and free of any smell so that it doesn't clash with a scent I'm wearing. Rough elbows and knees have a satin-like finish. The main ingredient is aloe & vegetable glycerin; never underestimate this powerhouse in terms of its ability to heal skin.


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