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Trip to Mu Gung Hwa + My Hanbook Experience


I am back, with food and restaurant review! :D
Yesterday I went to Korean supermarket center at Kebayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. I went there with my boyfie, and family. Named Mu Gung Hwa, it sells Korean foods and groceries. Since I love Korea so much, I start to like their food and culture too, not just the K-pop thingies and other make-up brands.

meat and veggies (kimchi!)

Do you like Binggrae, Korean ice cream with many flavors! I loveeeee it so much, but it a little bit pricey :LOL: I got them cheaper in Mu Gung Hwa!

heaven on earth!

REVIEW: Rubotan EyeAces Eyelash & Double Lid Glue


In my earlier posts, I told you that I ran out of eyelash glue, so I bought a new eyelash glue, named Rubotan EyeAces from RU. Season, Japan.

cute box :D

It comes with kind of spatula (I dont know what to describe it), because this glue can be used as eyelid glue! I have monolid eyes, and I can make it double with this glue and spatula! :D *horaay*

REVIEW: J.Y.M.T False Lashes + FOTD


Back with me again *hugs* Today I wanna share about my new falsies. I bought this from Make-up & Tool Kit Shop, based in Indonesia. For only 70.000 IDR (at about 69 US$) I got 10 pairs of handmade falsies! It was quite cheap, and the quality is not bad! Love that! :D

They have many types of false lashes on their website, and I chose the most natural look for me.

in my eyes

I love the texture. I don't know what material it is, but the lashes are strong sticked to its main line.

the box
 Every false lashes sleeps well in a perfect order :D

REVIEW: Belif Cleansing Oil Emulsion


How are you today, Ladies? Mine was great. I went to mall and mall and mall with my family, LOL, nothing to do in metropol city like this :( I miss beaches soooooo damn much!!!!!! But its okay, that was not what I want to share.

I want to tell you, it is so much important to clean our face from everything that sticked on it (makeup, dust, pollution, germs, etc) and cleansing foam while bath is NOT enough!! Are you sure that your cleansing foam/cream could clean your face through your little pores? I want to have my safe ways with cleansing oil and toner before sleep.

I had my Belif Cleansing Oil Emulsion a new brand from Korea. This is my review:

the packaging, so sterile

PHOTOSHOOT: Katalina Girl

Happy holiday~!

I am in my holiday now. For today, I just wanna share about my photoshoot. Though this isn't my latest, but still, I want to share my works with you all :D

This time, I did the makeup and style, my friend, Victor do the photos, and we went there with Maria, my bestie too. Located in a nice and greeny place called Katalina in Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia. But I am so sad for now, they cut off the grasses and build a mall T_T 

Many many many of my friends yet some people that I did not know asked me where is this place, I just can answer, "Sorry, seems to be a mall now." Poor the grasses :"(

So these are my photoshoot :)

silly face and pose!!!!!! hahha LOL

REVIEW: Nanny's Pavillon + FOTD


How was your weekend? Mine was good. My granny came from Bandung and stays for few days. We went to Flavor Bliss, Tangerang, Indonesia. I craved for Nanny's Pavillon these days and we went there for our lunch! :D

 I dare myself to have a "spotted cheek makeup" for one day! Everybody's looking at me but I don't care, I feel so challenged :evil laugh:

TUTORIAL: DIY Natural Aloe Mucus Hair Serum


Hola Ladies, how was your day?
I want to share about hair loss, an usual thing that could make we feel stressed, right? Hair loss seems so usual, everybody gets it somehow in lifes.

Hair loss could be caused of many problems: aging, depression, lot of thoughts, lack of sleep, chemotherapy, wrong shampoo, ponytail everyday, hormone, etc.
Scientist says that normally, hair falls 50-100 every day. (OMG can you imagine that, how could that be count as “normal”??? In a week there will be 350 at least, Ladies!)

I feel so sad whenever I see my hair falls down from my head L I try many shampoo and the result was just same. Then I asked my mother how to deal with this problem. She said aloe is good for our head follicle, it is an ancient recipe that not expensive at all.

Let’s do this, Ladies! In this tutorial, I want to share how to say goodbye to hair loss with nature heroes, aloe vera! DIY Aloe mucus hair serum! Yeay!

REVIEW: GEO Brown BC-101


I want to tell you about my first circle lens. It was GEO Medical Brown BC-101, made in Korea. Why I love GEO brand? Simple, because I feel comfort when I saw the bottle from the first sight *drama* LOL. But it is true, sometimes I buy something depends on my heart opinion first!

So this is my looks using GEO Brown BC-101, super natural brown color with black circle that surrounds the lens, and makes my eyes look bigger!

Super love this lens

REVIEW: DeRanch Family Outing & Resto


Hola Ladies, how was your weekend?
Last Sunday I went to Lembang and Bandung with my family. My uncle passed away, so I came to give my last honor to him :( But its okay, he is fine now, happy with God up there! ^^

After went to funeral house, I went back to Jakarta, via Lembang. We stopped at DeRanch, a big place to have family gathering. What a great place, Ladies!

In the morning, I came to my sister's house, and dressing my cute niece, Aurelia. She is so adorable, I love her smile and her babbles :LOL:
I picked many shirts and skirts for her to try, here are the results :D

And this is my FOTD. I don't use any makeup or base or whatever. Still sad that day. I ate sweet strawberry jello to comfort my mind.

REVIEW: Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask


Do you like to have a treatment with mask? I love mask, sheet and clay mask, both of them :D

I bought this clay mask from ordinary supermarket in my city, like Carrefour, Giant, and Hypermart. Not expensive, easy to carry, and easy to use. I recommend this mask for you!

One bottle consist of creamy and soft clay mask, that gentle and nice when applied to my face \(=w=)/


I was opening my older folder, and found my first photoshoot, taken in 2010 by my friend, Stephanie.
The concept is gothic, yet girly and mysterious. Here there are:

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing


I don't know why today I was so melancholy. I couldn't stop listening to David Cook's song - I don't wanna miss a thing. Yes. It is Aerosmith's but Cook make it with a new style.

I love this song really much, for me, this song means a lot. It just like bring an old memory that cold not come back to me :'D
But it's not the reason why I love this song. The lyric is so romantic, I can feel that a guy loves his girl so much so he couldn't help to lose her!

If there is anyone who did not know the song, please download here. It is truly recommended. It may be an old song, but the meaning will remain forever in our heart.

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