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REVIEW: Belif Cleansing Oil Emulsion


How are you today, Ladies? Mine was great. I went to mall and mall and mall with my family, LOL, nothing to do in metropol city like this :( I miss beaches soooooo damn much!!!!!! But its okay, that was not what I want to share.

I want to tell you, it is so much important to clean our face from everything that sticked on it (makeup, dust, pollution, germs, etc) and cleansing foam while bath is NOT enough!! Are you sure that your cleansing foam/cream could clean your face through your little pores? I want to have my safe ways with cleansing oil and toner before sleep.

I had my Belif Cleansing Oil Emulsion a new brand from Korea. This is my review:

the packaging, so sterile

the back box

it has pump!! (^ 3 ^)/
 The texture is so creamy and I think its lack of water.

becomes oily when rubbed to face

I made a test to my hand so you can see the magical cleaning. I use Body Shop foundie to my hand, A LOT of fondie and BB cream (=w=)

Rubbed with your fingers

Then clean it with soft wet cotton. Warm water preferred :)


It cleans my makeup magically! :D

What I Like:
♥ Nice smell! Like lemonade smell, so FRESH
♥ Moist my face, I feel my cheek chewy
♥ Clean my face
♥ It has PUMP!

What I Dislike:
* Quite pricey (250.000 IDR or 24 US$) but it was worth
* Need to pump it twice to clean my whole face, means it need much to use
* Boring packaging *slapped* LOL

OVERALL: 4 of 5

What do you think, Ladies? ^^


  1. Wowww this cleanser is not bad! I had gotten one from etude house and it totally sucked :( Have you tried the Bioderma one? That one is my favorite.

    1. wow, i haven't try it yet,, maybe someday. thanks for the recommendation :D

  2. Hii where did u got it?
    I think it is from us.
    I never believe korean brand :( but i see ur review, it was great ya?
    Btw come to my blog too

    1. it is from korea, dear. i love korean cosmetic brand and i believe them heheheh :)
      yes it was great.

  3. I love cleansing oil!
    Where did you buy it? packagingnya bagus ya.. black & white, simple dan informetif bgt.. *banci packaging hitam putih*

  4. I've heard of this brand from one of the youtubers and it seems pretty interesting! But sadly it's not available in our country..=(
    The packaging and concept reminds me of the brand Philosophy. I guess they got their inspiration from Philosophy ^_~
    Thanks by the way for sharing =)

    1. ahh really? :( maybe you can try another brand.
      you are welcome, babe ^^

  5. :) thank u so much! we follow u back now, i was in indonesia! <3

  6. Ga pernah make cleansing oil sbelumnya, abis aku pikir facial foam sama toner dah cukup huaaaa, ><
    Cukup ga ya kira² ? :(

    1. cukup kok asal kamu ga pake makeup setiap hari :)

  7. aku pake eye cream nya and enak juga. Jadi pgn coba belif cleansing nya. hehhehe^^ pernah coba bb cream nya ga?

    1. oya? mau coba jdnya eyecreamnyaa..brapaan?
      pernahhhh..tpi kurang cover sih klo mnrt aku ehhehhe..uda gitu packagingnya kcil, jd rada pricey.. :D


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