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REVIEW: GEO Brown BC-101


I want to tell you about my first circle lens. It was GEO Medical Brown BC-101, made in Korea. Why I love GEO brand? Simple, because I feel comfort when I saw the bottle from the first sight *drama* LOL. But it is true, sometimes I buy something depends on my heart opinion first!

So this is my looks using GEO Brown BC-101, super natural brown color with black circle that surrounds the lens, and makes my eyes look bigger!

Super love this lens

Sorry I did not capture the bottle or the packaging because I was too exciting when the lens came to my house, and I threw those packagings away (^ ,, ^")/~

Basic Info:
Name: Geo Brown BC-101
Brand: GEO Medical, Korea
Life Span: 6 - 12 months
Diameter: 14,5 mm
Water Content: 42%

Le wild DUCK FACE!! O..O!

I really love this lens! But I want to buy grey lens for this moment :D
If you want to look natural cute, I recommend you to choose this lens. I wear this for almost 8 hours and I still feel OK.

Color: 4 / 5
Comfort: 4 / 5
Enlargement: 4 / 5

What I Like:
Comfortable in my eyes
♥ Natural look
♥ Enlarge my eyes
♥ Not too expensive

What I Dislike:
* Not Any

What do you think, Ladies? Please tell me ^3^♥


  1. It looks gorgeous on you :)
    Have a great day~

  2. It looks great on you! I never tried lenses actually, but it looks cute :)

  3. You looks pretty with those lens xD
    I love geo, but not all geo series comfortable, I tried T-eye series and they're not comfortable x(

  4. hi rhea, you're cute and the lens looks natural on you.
    I've followed your blog ;)

  5. I love contact lenses that looked natural. It seems looked natural on you... :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sure why dont we follow each other and be friend :)


  6. Wow they look great- thanks for the great review. I have been thinking about buying some circle lenses now I feel like I can be pointed in the right direction

    1. wow really? i am happy to hear that, jodie :D


  7. very beautiful! love the way they make your eyes look!
    thanks for visiting and leaving some comment love on my blog :)
    i would love to follow each other - now following you on bloglovin!


  8. Very nice!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Yes, we can follow each other :) I'm waiting for you to follow me.


    1. thanks for following me! I followed you back :)

  9. super gorgeous!! I love it!! I prefer this type of lens rather than those overly "unique" designs. Thanks for sharing ^_~

  10. very nice lenses. i have a bunch of korean circle lenses waiting to be worn. should try them asap

    btw, nice blog. following on bloglovin now.

    thx for visiting my blog!

    1. hahaha then tell me ok? i will read about it :D

  11. lovely color! i always fond of brown circle lenses <3

  12. great post dear¡¡ I follow you back¡¡ We keep in touch¡¡ xoxo


  13. followed your blog!!!^^

    hope you'll follow back!
    btw, thanks for the comment!^^

    have a great day!

  14. bagus keliatan natural warnanya *w*
    jadi pengen coba >:D thanks for review
    emang kebetulan lagi nyari lens yg warnanya natural
    hmm aku make nya lem lashes mrek dolly wink.. beli di kay collection aja ada di sogo,matahari,metro juga :)

  15. Hey girl,

    LOVE the blog. You are absolutely adorable! I'm loving all your make-up posts, for real! I've always wondered about circles lenses. Do they look really natural in person though?

    I'm following you via google and bloglovin! I'd love it if you could maybe check out my blog and follow as well?


  16. i ordered my very first circle lenses over the weeekend. Looking forward to trying them :D Yours look great on u!

  17. nice but try bigger diameter. Too small >.< BUt for natural look, i think this one is the best choise

  18. too cute to be true nyan
    sampe sekarang belum kesampean coba yang ini :3


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