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REVIEW: Nanny's Pavillon + FOTD


How was your weekend? Mine was good. My granny came from Bandung and stays for few days. We went to Flavor Bliss, Tangerang, Indonesia. I craved for Nanny's Pavillon these days and we went there for our lunch! :D

 I dare myself to have a "spotted cheek makeup" for one day! Everybody's looking at me but I don't care, I feel so challenged :evil laugh:

The Nanny's Pavillon is a conceptual dining house that has many sub-concept for each branches, like bathroom (Pacific Place Mall), Sewing Room (Gandaria City Mall), Library (Bandung), Terrace (Central Park Mall), and many more. That makes Nanny's Pavillon so attractive! :D

I am in love with the concept and design, like an old French-American family. One of Nanny's branch is Barn that located in Flavor Bliss, Tangerang.

Sorry I did not edit the photos, too lazy to do that :LOL:
You want to see Nanny's cuteness? Click HERE for its official website.

menu book

I ordered seafood gio pasta (not sure what is "gio" means). My cousins ordered pasta and baked beef rice. Then for appetizer, we ordered kind of fries that I forget the name, they have a unique name for every meals!

I love their pancake and waffles so much, I had my blueberry cheese waffle for dessert. Tastes so cold and cheesy! I did not take the waffle picture, sorry :LOL:

Then I bought this cute cake, it named spongebob cake but I think it more looks like Sandy.

Spongebob Cake!!

This is me, skip if you don't wanna see :p

before spotting my face with eyeliner!

wih my bf (using our favorite couple tees!)

dotted cheeck, oh yeah babe!

What I used:
Skin Food Aloe BB Cream
Etude House Dear Darling Powder
The Face Shop Liquid Eyeliner
Etude House Code-B Cream Liner
MAC Eyeshadow #Grey
MAC Eyeshadow #Maroon Red
Canmake Cream Cheek #02

I just love to challenge myself (=w=)/ Have you ever challenge yourself?

OK. This is the Nanny's Pavillon Barn review from me:

♥ The decoration is awesome
♥ Foods are nice
♥ Free refill for hot tea

* A little bit pricey for me :LOL:
* The menu book is cute, but so much confusing
* Food come soooooo long!!!

Come Again? Maybe yes, for another theme

Food: 4 of 5
(1 for very bad, 3 for enough, 5 for greats)

Place: 5 of 5
(1 for terrible, 3 for comfy enough, 5 for love it!)

Service: 3 of 5
(1 for "i wanna punch that waitress' face!", 3 for it's ok, 5 for "OMG, they should got an award of friendliness")

Price: 4 of 5
(1 for cheap, 3 for standart nowadays, 5 for too expensive)

OVERALL: 4 of 5


  1. Lovely post dear. The food looks yummy. I love the Spongebob cake. kisses chris

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  3. You look beautiful! The food looks delicious! :^D^:

  4. I love your dotted cheeks! They are so cute and I saw some other girls did that before. I wanna try it some day. :^D^: (*.*)

  5. lucuuu dirimuu,,,
    aq bisa ngebayangin tatapan anehh pelayannyaa atw pun org2,,,
    nicee nicee :)

  6. the food looks yummy!
    the Spongebob cake doesn't look like Spongebob :O xD

  7. Thanks so much for following me as well! Anyways, I loved your look of the day. Super natural and cute. Plus all that pasta and spaghetti looks super delicious!

  8. omg. you are so beautiful and amazing products <3 your blog is very good and interesting :)) maybe we can follow each other if you like :) keep in touch!


  9. ummm delicius food dear¡¡¡ Love your pics¡¡ nice couple¡¡ love your tees¡¡

  10. You're so cute! Love the freckle makeup. :)

  11. hi there!

    hope u could join on my giveaway!
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  12. You look so cute dear!!

  13. And of course we can follow each other, I am your newest follower, do the same to stay in touch <3

  14. agak kesian ngeliatnya, maksa banget bikin fake freckles. Lain kali pake warna coklat ya biar lebih alami.

    1. that's better to make FAKE freckles than to have REAL ones :)
      thanks for the advice.


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