REVIEW: Ikkudo Ramen

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I think all of my reader knows that I love ramen soooo much!! I love trying any menu of ramen ^^ I love Korean and western food, too, but I love ramen first :D
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Last Sunday, I went to Ikkudo Ramen in PIK, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia. I never eat in this place before, because this place is too crowded!! I don't understand why is this place is always full of people, and they want to wait the waiting list in the front of the building! :O

I went at 5.05 pm, when Ikkudo start they selling. And guess what? F-U-L-L!

The owner is so handsome *w* hahahah.. He placed me and my fam in the outdoor.
This is the menu book, I captured some for you :D

See how crowded is this place T__T

This is chicken ramen, I forgot the name. Tori~something :LOL:


This is mine: Tori Curry ramen! Loveeee this!

♥ The decoration is cozy
♥ Free refill ocha ^^v
♥ Waiters are nice
♥ LOVE the food tasted!
♥ Handsome owner *ooops!!* lol

* Quite pricey (Each ramen costs at least min IDR 40.000 ++)

Come Again? Maybe yes, if no full like this.

Food: 5 of 5
(1 for very bad, 3 for enough, 5 for greats)

Place: 4of 5
(1 for terrible, 3 for comfy enough, 5 for love it!)

Service: 4 of 5
(1 for "i wanna punch that waitress' face!", 3 for it's ok, 5 for "OMG, they should got an award of friendliness")

Price: 4 of 5
(1 for cheap, 3 for standart nowadays, 5 for too expensive)

Remember Aurelia? Did you Ladies miss her? Here she is: 

Dora the Explorer Hair *sigh*

 Her brother Farell:

You ever go to this place? :D What do you think?


  1. Great photos.
    Would you like to follow each other ?


  2. the restaurant looks adorable, I love all the lights, and yumm I miss ramen so much! there's no ramen in this city lol

  3. hi there on is a new post it will be nice to me if u will see what is there
    u can always find something for u
    thanks :*

  4. Nice post!!
    how about if we following each others?

  5. So yummmmmmmmmmmmmm! :D

  6. Lovely photos, this place looks awesome:)! Aurelia and her brother are both super cute:>. Hope you have a great day:).
    Love, Iris

  7. hey great blog. chk my blog.. may be if u like it too we can follow each other

  8. Tempat ini deket ma tempat kerjaku..n buka cabang deket rumahku but..I haven't got any chance to try (T_T).....


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