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What You Need to Know About Comedones + TUTORIAL: DIY Sugar Honey Mask


Ladies, I know you have a same wish like me about beauty: become a nice lady that has a nice face, free from comedones and acnes! Right?

The bad news is: we can't spell comedones to disappear from earth and our body, that is impossible. But I have a good news: we CAN avoid them with nature ingredients!

Let me tell you a little about comedones (I learn about this from internet and Dr. Maria - my personal skin doctor, I only share what is scientifically RIGHT, and not what I 'guess').

Comedones separated as two:
BLACKHEAD - the open comedones, look like enlarged pores and black (black is porous plug that changes color due to oxidation by air).
WHITEHEAD - the close comedones, have skin that grows over the clogged pores so it looks like a tiny white bumps under the skin.
Different comedones, different prevention to do.

What caused comedones?
1. Creamy and Oily makeup: cream and oil can clog the pores that could cause comedones. (I feel so sad, because I am a bb-cream addict!) I think it doesn't mean that we can't use creamy foundation or bb-cream anymore, but please be careful with that. Always clean our hands before applying makeup, and don't let makeup stays too long in our face :)

2. Big pores: some people got big pores by genetic, but many got big pores because they squeeze the acne and small comedones with nail! It can irritate skin and make pores more big.

3. Bad menu: eating too much junk foods will kill us! The chemical ingredients can cause obesity, yet unstable hormone, so comedones and acnes love to make a nest in our face. Yyyucckk!!!

4. Stress and lack of sleep: our mind is our key to whatever things in this world, yet sleeping, it can helps our whole body to have a rest after a busy day.

5. Less drink: no alcohol, please, but mineral water, it can avoid every bad things in this world - acnes, comedones, disease, toxin, etc.

Now, the big question is: HOW to chase comedones away??
I got a natural solution (again) for you! Sugar Honey Mask! All you need is just royal honey, and sugar.
1. Feel the sugar - different brand, different texture. If the particle is too big, then mashed it with spoon, till it becomes very small. Remember: our face skin is thinner than the body, so face scrub is smaller than body scrub.

2. Mix the honey and scrub

I add lemon water ( just a bitttt) to help brightening my face :)


Follow these steps:
1. Wash your face first with your favorite cleanser
2. Boil a water and let the water vapor steam your whole face. Close your eyes, enjoy the warmth of the vapor. But don't be too close with the hot water ok?

I got my hair masked with aloe. TUTORIAL CLICK HERE 

3. Spread the sugar honey scrub to your face. Do it CIRCULAR, don't scrub it up and down!!
4. Hold for 20 minutes.
5. Wash with warm water.
6. Dry your face with clean towel, pat softly, not rub.
7. Use ice cube to close the pores, just slides it randomly to your face.

Very easy and simple, right? :D
I felt my face become smoother and blackheads was reduced, this treatment does not directly make blackheads disappear completely. Should do this once a week for best result and treatment.

I hope this tutorial can help and inspire you.

Ladies, please kindly help me spread this: STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY AND FOREST BURNING!!!


  1. such a great tip! I'll definitely give it a try.

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  2. thank you so much
    i will try this soon
    i love bb creams too :(

  3. nice...Thank you for sharing...would like to try it out next time..
    I love you cursor....hello kitty,
    where do you get it?

    1. i got it from free Cursors 4U, Tumblr Cursor, Download, Mouse Pointer

  4. bahan2nya mudah di dapat,,,
    patut di cobaa ne, sayang nya bawaan maless gede bgt :)

    1. hahaha gampang kok say, tpi ak kadang juga mood2an sih :LOL:

  5. Amazing tip for tip top skin.
    Thank you for your lovely comment (:

  6. Selfmade treats are just the best! :)
    All the best,

    Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin ♥

  7. you have a nice skin, i would love to try that, thanks for sharing! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  8. This was actually good :D thanks. makes skin feel much better.

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  10. nice tips & tutorial :)

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  13. Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog :) I'm so flattered that you want to use me in your photos, if I ever come to Indonesia, I'll contact you! :) I love this scrub too, I make one using warm water and brown sugar, but I love the addition of honey in yours, I bet it would be so soothing :)

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  14. Hi miss rhea :D
    ahw your blog is pure cuteness :D i really would love to follow you ;)
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    see u

  15. aww definitely going to try this! thanks for stopping by my blog, definitely following you would love it if you did too :') xx

  16. Thanks so much for posting this tutorial!

  17. Awesome idea, I'm going to have to try this! Did you know that honey (mixed with either coconut oil or olive oil) also makes a great hair mask? :D

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