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REVIEW: Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream


In my opinion, eye makeup is the essential thing from the whole looks, so do the eye care. Are you agree with me? 

I want to share about little treatment with Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream.

The texture is creamy and smell nice.

I want this cream to reduce my dark circle. After very long time, I think this one can help me reduce that. But I have to be patient more *sigh*
Must to use it everyday - morning and night - to get best result, but I was too lazy T___T
Quite good to moist my eye area, I think I must be more diligent using eye cream, I just want to take a good care of my precious eyes :D

The most effective ways to help reduce dark circle are: drink more mineral water, and enough sleep! Cream just helping to moisturize.

What I Like:
♥ No chemical smell
♥ Heavy texture
♥ Moist my eye area
♥ Easy to buy

What I Dislike:
* It has to be in pump packaging, more sterile
* Pricey

Purchase Again? No, I want to try another brand, innisfree maybe?

Have you ever tried this? :) Tell me ~


  1. wah salmon eye cream! efektif ga buat ilangin dark circle? pengen ini tapi takut ga manjur nih ><

    1. efektif mel, tapi musti rajijijijijnnnn pakenya T___T aku pemalas wkwkkw

  2. I guess we need to use this type of cream everyday just so the results will be more visible. But I'm too lazy or sometimes I forgot it so I think I'll just skip this..hehe..Great review ^_~

  3. I have the salmon concealer and it's great! May try this cream too 0.0

  4. never heard about this product before~
    interesting hehe =)

  5. heyy rhea.. thanks for following my blog.. followed you already.. ^_^ btw si salmon ini lengket ga? yg bikin ak ilfeel bgt pake eye cream tu gr2 lengket.. hiks..

  6. I've never heard of that but it looks lovely! x

  7. brarti dia ga mencerahkan dark circle yaa? pdhl pengen beli ini habis eye cream holika2 ku habisss..

  8. Thank you for nice review!

    Im following you now! Hope you will follow me back (:

  9. I nominated you for an award, read about it here:

  10. Whoa same problem with who had puffy eyes lol

    Btw i'm following you girl :D

  11. Love your blog:)

  12. Rheaaaa!! I've just tag you in "this and that" tag game! Check it out! Can't wait to read yours!:D

  13. I was thinking about trying this, but I haven't gotten the chance to yet! Thanks for the review! :)

  14. I was not impressed with the packaging for it is much better if they put it in a tube so it is safer from contamination. But what caught my attention was its moisturizing to the skin and does not contain chemicals. Maybe I will try samples of it first.


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