TUTORIAL: K-Drama Gradation Lips

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Back with tutorial post! ^^
This time I will try to share about my Gradation Lips like usually used in Korean drama :)
I know maybe some of girls have already known about this lips and how to make it, even faaaar better than mine, but I just want to share *puppy eyes* :D


Let's start:

 1. Apply Lip concealer (if you had one, if no, skip this step). I used Etude House Color Me Nude Concealer (click for my review about this item). This lip concealer is for a base lip. So the color will be more vibrant. You can make pale look with this thing, too.

2. Apply your favorite nude/soft lipstick. I used Maybelline Color Sensational Popstick #080. Use soft lipstick, more soft more good.

3. Apply a very red lipstick in your inner lips, just tap it with your finger, not polish as usual use, ok? Tap tap tap softly and make a gradation, in whatever form you want. And we finish!!

Some girls love to put glossy clear lipgloss after that, to make lips more outstanding. But I love matte lips, so I don't apply any lipgloss :) 

This is my FOTD to college. With bare eyes and face. (I have bad big acne in my chin!!! Damn!)

The Product I used:

Hope you like my really short and simple tutorial, please leave a comment, I want to do better next time ^^

Stay pretty~!


  1. so cute say ^^

    new followers...kalau gak keberatan follow dan main ke blog ku ya^^

  2. Thx u dear...I want to try it!! *lalalla...*

  3. Nice tutorial! Wanted to comment on the "About" section but couldn't :/ We have the same birth date ^_^

    1. wooow really? :D 23 is a nice number right? lol

  4. Nice tutorial, I love gradation lips! thanks for sharing xD

  5. Nice tutoriall.. lippie nya keliatan cantik banget!! visit blogku juga yaaa di http://beauty-chica.blogspot.com/

  6. Great tutorial! Simple and easy!

  7. jadinya natural banget yah...


  8. Wow, nice tutorial :) simple and easy to do
    Nice swatch pics too I like the finish, so cute and natural like korean stars, perfect for everyday use I guess.
    thanx for sharing, it's really interesting article :)


    1. thank you dear, i'm glad if this tutorial can inspire you ^^

  9. I've never noticed these lips in dramas before but they're really pretty! I'm definitely gonna try them out. Great tutorial! :)


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