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REVIEW: Innisfree Eco Green Tea Lip Scrub


Today's topic is about lips. It is true that eye make-up is the point of interest of whole make-up, but if you have a dry lips, that would be so annoying to see them in lipstick...

One more lip enemy: DARK lips. Please do not smoke, sleep earlier, protect from UV, pick a good lipstick with natural ingredients, and do a routine treatment for your lips to avoid the dark/black lips!

We need to keep our lips moist. Lovely lips could make a great make-up, and make us a good kisser! Lol!

Papuros shop kindly gave me the best solution for those two lip's enemies!:

Innisfree Eco Windy Lip Scrub

This lovely cute baby comes from innisfree, 100% ORIGINAL nature ingredients, and trusted brand! I love everything about innisfree, they came with good concept of nature care.

no grams or ml, so i give a length: 10,5 cm

I do really love GREEN TEA! They have antioxidant to throw toxin away from our body! Ladies, drink green tea more, and use green tea product more :)

Said "Enriched with 100% of natural origin and 20% of organic ingredients, this lip scrub makes the lips soft and smooth removing dead skin cells and providing moisture."

This is the scrubber. Soft and gentle ^^

the green tea extracr 

Basically, it was just the same when it comes to scrub the lips. I love the scent, which is very green tea :D Tap soflty and gently massage all over your lips like this:

Wash with warm water (preferred) and I can feel it really moist my lips! Yes it looks a little bit scary to see my pictures with those greeny shrek-looks-like liquid. But it doesn't even matter, in the end, my lips do looks brighter than before! :) 

oily & heavy texture

press the bottle andddd green tea!

What I Like:
♥ No chemical smell, only GREEN TEA scent ^^
♥ Heavy texture
♥ Moist my lips so much!
♥ Nature ingredients
♥ Comes with scrubber, so easyyy to use :)

What I Dislike:
* Little bit oily and hard to remove the oil

Purchase Again? Dunno.


  1. thanks for sharing! this is a first time I've seen a lip scrub that comes with a scrubber! nice ^_~

  2. omg, greeen teaaa ><
    havent try this one yet ><

  3. I'm glad this was such a good product! I am looking for a really good lip scrub.

    1. yes it is, dear! loveeee the product so much :D

  4. This stuff looks awesome! I love how it looks under the cap, a bit scary and definitely healthy looking ;)

  5. That looks really nice! It goes on a little scary looking to start with but it doesn't seem to stay green once you buffed it in! xo

  6. Ooh, I'll keep an eye out for it! >w<
    Hehe, I've never tried a lip scrub before - heard of it, but never really had a chance to try one...
    I might keep my eye out for one now! >w<

  7. Lucu ya ini ada scrubbernya pas baca tdinya aku kira kaya scrub biasa aj ada butiran2nya xD
    Thx for sharing ^^

  8. Ooo this is different! Seems like it works well too!

  9. I never tried this green lip scrub, what I've already tried is a tulsi herb lip balm from and green tea extract soap. Did it came from China or Japan? What makes it different from other skin care product that I've tried already? Can you email me those information that I need?

    1. This item is from Innisfree, and manufactured in Korea :) I never use Tuisi herb lip so I can't compare it to you, dear, im sorry.
      And I don't know your email. Hope you can read it here :)

  10. Aaa pengen nyoba :( beli dimana ini rhea?

    1. Kemarin itu aku dapat dari Papuros Shop, hehehe, coba aja km cari FB na Papuros :D

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