Happy holiday for all of my beauty creatures called 'Ladies'! Wish you had a great and peaceful christmas this year and an amazing 2013! *the world isn't over yet!* lol.

I had a very important things to share with all of girls here. Before, I want to ask, how much money you spend a month just for beauty?

Many people says "Ah it is not necessary to spend much money to have a good looking face," or "Beauty doesn't need much money or expensive make-up, if the face is pretty enough, then she will always be pretty!" or "Beauty comes from the inside, not the outer look!"

Ay ya yaaa.. Those are all true, I admit it, indeed, BUT, it is impossible in this era to have a beauty without money! Not believe me? OK, let's play a game!

Answer these questions:
1. Do you use contact lens?
2. You notice the difference if wearing contact lens?
3. You like to use foundie/bb cream?
4. You hate wrinkles?
5. You hate dark circles?
6. Does pimple make everyone look dull?
7. Does fake lashes makes your eyes more stunning?
8. You love lipstick?
9. You love curling your hair?
10. You dream of a flawless skin till old?

If you had more than 5 of "YES" then you are agree with me that we all women had a same wish: skinny, pretty, lovely, etc.

Why beauty models mostly women? Why icon of the world is a woman? 
Becauseeeeeee of: the sad truth that BEAUTY SELLS

Let me straight this post before we going to the next discussion, please noted that every woman is beautiful indeed, but there is always a way to maximize it.

Have you ever compared the unbranded beauty products (in Indonesia is like Krim Syahrini, Walet, etc) with good rated brands? Yeah, the other sad truth is MONEY BUYS BEAUTY.

IMO, the conclusion of this post is: 1. Do not buy any mysterious cheap cream without any brands or review from other girl. Love yourself, and the beauty will come from the inside :)
Yeah I know it sucks to buy many good branded makeup stuffs, but we're now live in technology and millenium era, that's forcing us to make a good decision when it comes to cosmetic.
More conclusion: 2. Good quality products need more money, it's not just buying the products, but we also buy the trust itself.

More truths:
1. Sun light consists UVA UVB radiation
2. Those radiation do make wrinkles
3. It may cause cancer too (not always!)
4. Cloudy day is not consists UVB, but still UVA can pass through it and attack our face
5. Using eye cream since 20++ make a difference with using it when 40++
6. Using anti aging cream makes an effect with no cream at all.
7. Bb cram and loose powder boost your flawless skin up to 70%
8. Most men see with eyes at first, not with heart
9. Scrub and mask don't have instant effect, but it gives food to skin
10. Neat and good looking girls are more visible to company when applying jobs
So the conclusion number 3. Every girl who lives in this years need to care about herself and must to know how to boost their inner and outer beauty.

And how about plastic surgery to boost the beauty? I think it is not for boosting beauty, but changing what God had given to us before. I don't want to persuade you to not have a plastic surgery. It's all up to you, you own your body. I just wanna say, think twice. 

More lesson from beauty blogger friends:

Alexandra Wang - Me and My Mockingbird

The ideal women has big eyes, small nose, slim hourglass figure, curves, full luscious hair, and flawless skin. And as time passes, the term "ideal women" changes, the "good looking women" figure becomes harder to achieve.

Women spend lots of money on skincare products, haircare products, makeups, etc so that they can look representable. However, as women, we cannot stop ourselves from 'buying beauty', even though people often said that "beauty comes from the heart", I think it's a lie.

As time goes by, expectation changes. These days, women must be at size 0, or 2, to be considered slim, size 4 and above are meant for fat ladies, but several years ago, even size 8 is still considered quite slim. Women who have lots of money would consider liposuction, but women who don't have lots of money would starve themselves, hit the gym, and then might become anorexic. Society had placed women's life in danger by increasing the chance of anorexia.

Not all people are born with pretty big eyes. Like me, I'm asian (more on the chinese side) and I have horrible monolids on both eyes. And I can't chose, I was born this way. In order to get that beautiful big eyes, the only way is to have double eyelid surgery. Same goes with nose job, jaw reconstruction, lip plumping, etc. We all want to be the "ideal women".

Surgeries field will not die - as I said before, expectations change fast, and in order to fulfill expectations, women will run to the fastest way which is surgery.
I actually blame all these things to Society. Society creates higher expectations, which makes women crave more, do more, and women can't stop.

ironic and funny truth!!

This is an open post, all of you can put your opinion in this post and I will mention you name and link back to your blog! So if you wanna join this discussion please kindly send your opinion to: Kim.Rhea@ymail.com.

Happy Christmas~!

How Much to Buy a Beauty?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


When I write this post, I am in my holiday in my boyfriend's hometown, a pempek city!! Do you know pempek? It is a delicious food from Palembang made from fish! Love it so much! Click HERE for the images lol. Btw, my talented boyfriend did this draw for me *shy* 

p.s. that is his personal artwork portfolios, www.leonharddarius.deviantart.com, he is soon to be a great animator, game maker and illustrator!! :D

OK. Enough with personal story. I want to share about tint review. Bell's Etude House trust me to share about this Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint ^^

REVIEW: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Saturday, December 22, 2012


How are you Ladies? I want to share about another eyes toys, called Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover *what a long name* LOL.

Bell Etude's House kindly trust me to review this very new product from Etude. I trust Miss Yessy as the owner to be my Etude supplier of beauty, I often buy in her shop and she is very friendly! ^^

The packaging is a damn good one! Pastel blue and pink always number one cuteness from Etude House cosmetics :D

It's been said that this product contains argan oil. For some of you that did not know what is argan oil, I will tell a little: is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. In cosmetics, argan oil is advocated as moisturizing oil, against [juvenile acne] and flaking of the skin as well as for [nourishing] the hair. This oil has also medicinal uses against rheumatism and the healing of burns (wikipedia).

REVIEW: Etude House Eraser Show - Line Remover Stick

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Apa kabar lovelies? Lagi pengen pake bahasa ibu nih :p lol
Aku lagi mikirin soal FOTD (Face of The Day) sama OOTD (Outlook of The Day), ya barangkali bisa jadi bahan diskusi :)

Jadi, setelah dapet beberapa referensi dan studi internet, aku mengambil kesimpulan begini:


IND: Biasanya yang rajin post tentang FOTD adalah beauty blogger :D
Sebenernya tujuan bikin FOTD itu untuk kasi liat reader kalo muka kita itu lagi bergaya seperti ini. Jadi, foto harus nunjukin jelas muka, dengan ketajaman yang baik, bisa kemudian dipadukan dengan foto close-up make-up mata, bibir, pipi, dll.

Umumnya para beauty blogger membuat FOTD mereka dengan pose portrait, yaitu kamera memanjang, jadinya enak dilihatnya, dari jidat ke dagu proposional rapi dengan framing kamera. FOTD juga diidentikan dengan gaya rambut si blogger sendiri.

Pastikan foto-foto FOTD mu nggak blur, karena susah ngeliat poto blur dan biasanya sih yg suka ngebuat post FOTD mereka akan kasi liat make-up nya dari berbagai pose dan angle, depan, belakang, samping ^^

Malah kalo beauty blogger profesional akan kasitau produk makeup apa aja yang dipake, dengan link balik ke review produk tersebut (jika sudah pernah dibuat review).

ENG: Usually beauty bloggers post about this regularly. 
The purpose of making FOTD post is to tell the readers what style of your make-up today. So, the photos must clearly shown your face, with good quality of sharpness, can mix the posts with zoom version of eyes makeup, lips, cheeks, etc.

Often, beauty bloggers make FOTD with portrait pose, more comfort to see, from forehead to chin. FOTD usually show the hair of the day too.

Make sure the FOTD photos is not blurry, it's quite hard to see blurry photo, and some bloggers make different angles and pose, front, back, side view ^^

Professional beauty bloggers will share about the products used, with the link back to the product review (if there is a review in her blog).

IND: Biasanya yang bikin post tentang OOTD itu adalah fashion blogger ^^
Tujuan bikin OOTD itu adalah menunjukkan kepada reader tentang fashion yang sedang dipakai oleh blogger itu sendiri. Dress, pants, shirt, skirt, blazer, apapun itu deh, pokoknya yang pasti nunjukin style yang lagi diangkat blogger itu! :D

Foto-foto OOTD itu harus warna asli, kalo bisa jangan diedit2 sampe warnanya berubah total dari asli, karena readernya fashion blogger itu suka merhatiin padu-padan/mix-match warna yang dibuat oleh blogger. Kalo warnanya beda, jadi bingung deh, hihihi. Dan harus ada yg full body, dari atas ke bawah semuanya keliatan.

Fashion blogger selalu memakai asesoris di tubuhnya, mereka suka hal detail, dan close-up detail asesoris itu juga penting! Biar reader tau jelas warna dan teksturnya, sehingga bisa keracunan beli LOL. Ya semacam kita lagi pose buat jualan online deh, jadi bener-bener sama dengan warna asli. 

Malah kalo fashion bloggers yang profesional, mereka akan kasitau belinya dimana, harganya berapa aja, kualitasnya gimana, ada available warna apa aja, tinggi badan mereka berapa, warna kulit asli mereka gimana!


ENG: Usually fashion bloggers post about OOTD.
The purpose of making OOTD posts is to tell the readers about the fashion of the bloggers herself. Dress, pants, shirt, skirt, blazer, whatever, they show the blogger's style of the day :D

OOTD photos must show real colors, no need to edit the colors and change it very different from the real, because the reader loves to see your mix and match. If the colors is different or not clear, it can be confusing :) Must show full body from head to toe.

Fashion bloggers love to wear accessories everywhere, they love details, and close-up photos of the accessories are the main key. So the readers will know the texture and the details. It's like building an online shop. 

Professional fashion bloggers would like to tell the readers where to buy, how much, how is the quality, colors available, how tall are them, real skin color, etc ^^


Oiya, this is an OPEN POST for sharing, so send your opinion, tips and tricks, thoughts, everything to me email: KIM.RHEA@YMAIL.COM and I will add to this post with your name and blog link. We can share and learn together :D

Till next post~!


FOTD & OOTD for Bloggers

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Ladies, back with review post. I got a very school inspired make-up tools! I love the design, please give an applause to Too Cool For School Art Class Lipstick! ^^

I'm using flash to capture it, because the title is not really visible in medium room light.

REVIEW: Too Cool For School Art Class Lipstick

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I just joined my blogger's friend giveaway, Sarah in her blog Xlicious Girl. Sarah and me has been friends in blog and we love to comment for each others post ^^ 

Her giveaway theme is very unique, "Naughty or Nice" giveaway, during this December. I am so excited!

She offers us to choose, naughty or nice prize :D

And I definitely choose the NICE ONE! ^^ I am a nice girl, Sarah :D lol.
This giveaway will be end in 4 January 2012 *yeay* So if you want to join this unique giveaway, just click HERE. Good luck!

Giveaway: Xlicious Girl "Nice or Naughty"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


What's up Lads? I am so happy, yes, super happy, finally I can buy a dolly wink false lashes! Lol. I love this brand, but I don't have one of them, till I bought this lower lashes. I choose Dolly Wink no. 13 with a name 'Baby Girl', sounds very cute indeed.

So, this is my make-up play, I named it Simple Gyaru make-up. I did not make a tutorial here, because I see tons of gyaru tutorial on youtube and another blogs. So, if I got request to do this tutorial, then I will do it :)

Here are my looks. I don't use any circle lens, which gyaru always wears. My eyes are so sensitive with dust, so my boyfriend forbid me to buy one! T____T (dunno if i get a sponsorship *slapped hard!* lol)

Make Up Play: Simple Gyaru + REVIEW: Dolly Wink No. 13

Sunday, December 09, 2012


Back with another make over post! Btw, I want to clear this to you: make over is not to compare before and after of someone to get negative thoughts about being not pretty without makeup! 

Every girl is beautiful, noted that! So, in my opinion, and conclusion, make over is a simple way to show more the beauty of someone, with makeup. There are so many ways, without makeup you can use clothes, hair styles, expressions, etc. I underlined 'more', means she is pretty before, but with makeup she can show you her hiding beauty!

And I dislike someone that says "Omg, she/he is ugly without makeup, and after make over, she/he is so much different and pretty/handsome now!"

Go. to. hell. then.
Every girl is beautiful please note that! If make up tools cannot make our face looks stunning, then there will be no more make up lines and brands to buy :)

OK. Enough with my ramblings lol. Introducing my girl, Nita. She is one mof my besties. I love to make over my besties, you can see my girl Cynthia HERE.

before and after
She loves Korean so much, and pink! I try to style her hair, but still failed T__T I am not a good hair stylist *cry* I want to learn that more! :p

Make Over: Sweety Pink

Friday, December 07, 2012


I'm back with the Giveaway Winner!! Hmm, I should write this post with Bahasa I guess, because I know this post's reader will mostly Indonesian pretty ladies, for I used to hold a local giveaway ^^

*Turn On Bahasa* (slapped! lol)

Terima kasih banyak buat semua yang berpartisipasi, juga buat semua yang kasih selamat, makasih yaa,  aku menganggap kalian temen2 cewekku, meskipun kita ga perna ketemu T__T yahh boleh lah kapan2 diatur gitu waktu biar kita ketemuan *cium cium pelok*

Aku kaget juga ternyata yang berminat ikut giveaway aku lumayan banyak, wah lain kali aku harus bikin giveaway dengan 10 pemenang deh *cek dompet*

Jujur, aku baca semua komentar dan blog post yang dibuat oleh sebagian dari kalian semua, aku bukain page nya satu2, liatin komen dan mempelajari kata2nya.
As I said before, I count every effort from you and I do really appreciate that! :)

Miss Rhea's 1st Giveaway's Winner!


How was your day, Ladies? I want to share with you today, about an eyeliner, a liquid one. Named Oh~ m'Eye Line from Etude House (one of my favorite brand!) :D

I can find my etude product in Bell's Etude, they sell only Etude products with very friendly price, so much different from the counter in mall/market. Please kindly like their page so you can see all of the products, or simply add the admin here.

Bell's Etude House is one of official Etude resellers, so they sell original items with price lower than the counters. I don't know the owner's name, so let's call her Miss Belle :p she is very friendly and always respond my message! ^^

I love the bottle design overall. It has a long cup, it makes me easy to hold when applying the liner! :D

REVIEW: Etude House Oh~ m'Eye Line

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I'm back with review post! That's make me feel excited :) I wanna share with you about this little baby: Too Cool For School After School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF 37 PA++ seriously this is a very long name to write and say!! lol.

I trusted myself to buy this brand in Papuros Shop, seriously Miss Anita (the seller) is a very friendly seller, I feel much comfy to talk with her ^^

It has an oldschool design, very different concept with Etude, and Lioele that comes with princess themes. I feel like a cool teenager girl whose absent every day of school just to hangout with her boys! LOL :D

the ingredients, in case u can read han geul :p
 want to know more? *wink*

REVIEW: Too Cool For School After School BB Foundation Lunch Box

Sunday, December 02, 2012

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