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Make Up Play: Simple Gyaru + REVIEW: Dolly Wink No. 13


What's up Lads? I am so happy, yes, super happy, finally I can buy a dolly wink false lashes! Lol. I love this brand, but I don't have one of them, till I bought this lower lashes. I choose Dolly Wink no. 13 with a name 'Baby Girl', sounds very cute indeed.

So, this is my make-up play, I named it Simple Gyaru make-up. I did not make a tutorial here, because I see tons of gyaru tutorial on youtube and another blogs. So, if I got request to do this tutorial, then I will do it :)

Here are my looks. I don't use any circle lens, which gyaru always wears. My eyes are so sensitive with dust, so my boyfriend forbid me to buy one! T____T (dunno if i get a sponsorship *slapped hard!* lol)

do i look weird if smiling??? :'(

I love this lashes so much! Arrrgghhh I wanna buy no. 14, but still have no money! lol. So here are the review:


I like the secure packaging like this. Eye lashes seems to be so fragile. And another reason why dolly wink is so expensive is they had a good locked packaging. It has three transparant plastic layers to protect the lashes.

love love loveee!

What I Like:
♥ Kawaii packaging!
♥ Can use it many many times
♥ Cute design
♥ Got a tiny glue
♥ Secure packaging 

What I Dislike:
* PRICEY! (IDR 198.900 / US$ 20)

Purchase Again? Yes, trying another number!

What do you think, Ladies? :D


  1. You look so pretty!! Where I live bottom lashes aren't available but it's a look I have always loved. I tried drawing them on with liquid eyeliner and it looked cute but it's not the same xx

    1. me too! lol. i used to draw it with eyeliner and....messed around lol :D

  2. itu fake eyelashesnya buat bulu mata bawah ya?
    arrghh ajarin aku pake bulu mata palsu rhea >_<
    btw mata kamu udah bagus walaupun gapake softlens :D

    1. aku juga baru belajar sayyyy.. duh susah banget ampe berair2 terus matanya T__T thank you yaaa :*

  3. u already have a lovely eyes.. seems like wearing circle lenses^^
    what about ur upper lashes? did u use false lashes too?

    1. thank you zy ^^
      im using Daiso false lashes, which is so cheap, IDR 22,500 and i've been using it more than 10 times :D

  4. U r cute rhea, but in my opinion, ur style more Korean (^_^) than Japanese

    1. hehehe thanks lidiaa.. iya, aku juga sbenerna lbih suka korea :)

    2. haha. kebalikan ku kamu.hii

  5. I love your eyes! You look so cute when you smile. :3
    The lashes suit you well! I want them too...

  6. super cute pics! -^o^- you look totally adorable!

  7. no circle lens?! lolll you have big eyes though, so i guess you don't really need it like me :)

    it looks really cute on you. and $20 is really steep!! i always see those lashes with that new packaging at my local market, but i haven't tried out that line of eyelashes yet. i think you've convinced me to buy some new eyelashes.. i guess its about time anyways.

    i dont think a tutorial for this is needed, but you can do one anyways =P

    xoxo Sarah
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    1. yes no circle lens, my eyes are sensitive T_T
      hahaha yeaaa $20 is really expensive but i just can't stand to not buy that! LOL
      thank you dearr <3 <3

  8. wah...*envy* So cute under lash.. T.T tapi dolly wink memang harganya agak mahal. Tapi hasilnya cute banget! :D wink wink~

    1. hahaha bangetttt....doh ampe nangis abis beliii *lebay*
      iyaa lucuuu *wwiiinnkkk* <3

  9. cakep sis make upnya, jadi inget member"nya SNSD :p

  10. I think you put the lower falsies too low... :) But overall you are pretty! :)


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