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REVIEW: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint


When I write this post, I am in my holiday in my boyfriend's hometown, a pempek city!! Do you know pempek? It is a delicious food from Palembang made from fish! Love it so much! Click HERE for the images lol. Btw, my talented boyfriend did this draw for me *shy* 

p.s. that is his personal artwork portfolios,, he is soon to be a great animator, game maker and illustrator!! :D

OK. Enough with personal story. I want to share about tint review. Bell's Etude House trust me to share about this Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint ^^

Korean make-up and fashion became very popular now in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. One of most Korean look step to do is: gradation lips! :D You can see my lip gradation tutorial HERE. But it still quite complicated with using many tools. But with this baby, we can make a gradation lips with one magic wand swing!

It has not too creamy texture, which personally I don't really like, but it is me, not you :) I love the color, when see it on wand, it looks like too red/magenta. But when applied on lips, I feel it suits my lips well :D

Look! I have naturally born duck and full lips T__T
But with this gradation style, I have a thinner lips with some pinkish touch inside, and I LOVE IT! Hehehehehe... (=^ ^=)/ can you notice the difference?

swatches on lips

What I Like:
♥ Cute packaging
♥ Easy to carry/portable
♥ Lovely scent
♥ Easy to use to make gradation lips!
♥ Lovely color
♥ Moist my lips ^^
♥ Have a WAND

What I Dislike:
* Can't see if it's up or not yet
* Watery texture (personally comment from me)


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Go go go! ^^

Shipping to all over Indonesia with friendly price. Only sell Etude House products, they have complete products there :D


  1. WOW!

    You're in Palembang?? Well that's where my home is.. It's been months that I am away from it, well, college life sucks :(

    Hahaha, don't forget to taste all the cuisines! Palembang is famous not only for Pempek, but also for so many fish-processed delicacies :9

    anyway, the lip tint looks good on you, I've tried this shade once but turns out to make me look so pale x_X

    1. waww really? rumahmu di jalan apaaa??? :D
      besok aku mau ke muara dua loohhhhh ^^ *excited*

      iyaaaa aku suka banget kuliner dear! aku uda makan pempek, lomie, kwetiaw asun, wuaaaa XD

      makasi uda mampir yaa :D

    2. di jalan cempakaa git, deket PIM :p

      woaaaa muara dua

  2. aku punya samplenya..belum cobain git..hahhahaa
    bagus bibirmu!! unyuuuuu <3

  3. cobaaa dong say, pasti lucu di kamuuu :3
    thankkkiiuuuwwwwww <3

  4. I saw these in the boutique but all of their colors were so bright and neon-y D: Really pretty though, but I'm just not sure if I could pull it off. But you're right they're perfect for gradient lips :)


    1. yes i love gradient lips :) thanks for visit dear..

  5. What a lovely color~ *-* I really like this color! I've to buy this too!

  6. ur boyfriend is really talented! the sketch is really pretty^^coz the model is pretty too~~
    the lip tint has a beautiful color.. ur lips look healthier too! IMO :D

    1. awww thats too much zy, thanksss :*
      yes it can makes me look healthier

  7. Well yes, its look great on you ^_^

  8. Ooh, cute!
    Hehe, lovely gradation!! ^^

  9. the shade is really pretty ^_~

  10. awaawww, super nice color!

    anyway, join my giveaway! :D
    win a gift voucher for free ❤
    and get all stuffs in indonesia in half price :)

  11. looks so lovely!

  12. punya samplenya, belum dicoba udah menghilang entah kemana --"

    follback ya dear, newbie ini ^^

  13. Aku pingin oreeennnn T_T Hihi.....

  14. I think I'll try Etude house products very soon. I see their products everywhere (well... everywhere on the web because there is no Etude house in Switzerland T^T).

  15. wuahh bagus sis .. aku keracunan oh no! >,<

    suka bgt ama blogmu.
    kloo bs visit n polbek mine y

    See u ^^

  16. wah pacaran sama orang palembang ya git >.<
    kapan-kapan kalo ke kota kami kabarin dong mau kopdar sama blogger cantik hahaha :D
    salam kenal git


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