REVIEW: Skin Food and Eva Armisen Vita Tok Lipstick

Monday, January 14, 2013

 Hello Lovelies~!

Maybe some of you have known that I love matte lipstick so much, and today with this post I want to share a fabulous and sweet lipstick to use! *yeay*

Papuros Shop trust me to review this sweet baby. It's called Skin Food and Eva Armisen's Small Happiness Vita Tok Lipstick OMG such a long long name to write and say LOL. It's been said "limited edition" in the packaging.

It has a lovely smell, I promise. Love the scent and smell so much! I hate usual chemical lipstick smell T_T

The texture is so soft and creamy :9  (I did not eat that lol)

I got shade number 2: Eva Peach.

swatch on my hand, non-flash and with flash

It has pink + orange color, maybe in my lips seems not too different. Rather nudy too.
swatch on my lips
 Seriously I love this lipstick so much. It has natural color but still brighten my lips and face!!! My lips looks so healthy, dewy, and nude! Love love love it!

full size with bare face

Some FOTD using this gorgeous lipstick ^w^ 

For anybody curious about Eva, there she is:
She is an artist, a famous one, born in Zaragoza in 1969. You can see more of her artworks here.

Now is product judging time!

 What I Like:
♥ Lovely scent!
♥ Soft and creamy texture
♥ Sweet and natural color
♥ Brighten my lips so it will brighten my face too!
♥ Girly packaging ^^
♥ Good stay power (exclude eating)
♥ Did not make my lips cracked

What I Dislike:
* Not a thing

Where to get this?
only at papuros shop

Please kindly like their facebook page HERE  Go go go!!! :D *kiss
Or add the blackberry pin: 26B3CA21

what do you think Lads? 


  1. warnanya cakeppp, ud lama aku ga beli produk skinfood xD

    1. iya rin cakep bangettt >D< aku juga uda lama ga pake skinfood :|

  2. oh wee! love (*.*) the natural color sweetie. :)

  3. oooh, the shade is so pretty!! and it look so great on you! very lovely!! the packaging is very artsy too! loved it =)

  4. It's written 02 Eva Peach ^___^
    nice post rhea~

    1. hahaha iya vee pantesan aku baca 'eba phiji' itu mksdnya apa kurang cepet tanggap :p
      thank youuuuu <3

  5. Cool Blog ^^
    I greet ;*

  6. shessh~ you always have all the cutest products!! ahh and i wish your giveaway was international!! lol i would have loved some of those fragrances ;)

    xoxo Sarah
    Victoria Secret Facebook Giveaway

    1. awww really? lol thanks sarah! <3
      yeahh,, i can't afford the shipping tax T_T next time maybe :D

  7. aiihhh sooo pweeetyyyyhhhh ~~ :* hihihii !!

    follow back dong cantikk :*

    lets be friends :*

  8. That looks lovely :)

  9. Warnanya bagus, natural Cute XoX

    1. iyaaa.. aku juga suka banget warnanya :D

  10. Really love the packaging and shade of the lip! >w<
    Thank you for the review - I'll be sure to look out for it! ^^

  11. That sounds really nice and the color is lovely! I hate chemical lipstick smell as well! >.<

  12. aaaa ud pengen ini dr dlu tp ditahan gara2 nyokap tidak membolehkan.. T.T limited edition pula..

    ud ku folow blogmu :)

    1. wuaaa iyaa bagus shan :D heheheh *racun*
      thanks.followed back!


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