I had crazy months that made impacts to my body, especially my face. New blackheads, whiteheads, acnes, pimples, and of course my endless enemy: dark circle T___T *sad*

And I know that I must do more intense facial treatment, the best way is with maskin my face~ ^^
I got Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yogurt Mask. the wash off one from Papuros Shop.

It has normal texture with nice green tea + milk scent. Green tea and milk are very very veryyyy besttttt ingredients for our skin, known before ages, from Madam Cleopatra. lol.

look at my chicken clay! ^^ it's hayday's chick! 

Written on the back: Highly moisturizing wash off type yogurt pack including nutrition-enriched sheep milk *3*
[direction] wash face, apply toner, apply mask, wait 5-10 minutes, wash it off.

DO NOT EAT THE CONTENT, yeah I know that the texture is so yummy like sour sally yogurt, and I want to eat that too lol.

REVIEW: Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yogurt Mask

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well, many of my readers asked me when would I make another food/restaurant review again. So today I wanna share about a wonderful lovely restaurant, located in north jakarta, indonesia.

Yesterday I had my girls day out with my two girls. We had a great fun day, culinary and chit-chat, we went tho this place for lunch. This pleasant place named Beatrice Quarters.

The big giant Beatrice. LOL!

It has smoking area in the outside too, for all of the smokers.

REVIEW: Beatrice Quarters + FOTD

Friday, February 22, 2013


How was your weekend Girls? I always love weekends :3 LOL
I want to share my first impression with Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear Mask from Papuros Shop, my trusted online shop! :D
Get 10% off by mention "Miss Rhea" ^^

I HATE BLACKHEAD AND WHITEHEAD and whatever that heady thingies all over my face! They are sucks, makes my skin looks dull T__T
So I hope this clay mask can be my saviour for those problems :)

It has heavy texture, like clay, but not that heavy. Love the smell and the texture :D

First Impression: Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Mask

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Warning: Ubercute nails pictures, especially for hello kitty lovers!


Tonight I wanna share my first time using fake nail, and thanks God I found Felize Nail Art! Miss Felicia Irene is the only designer, and all of her nails are handmade! Made with love and time ^w^
You can kindly check her fanpage HERE

I love HELLO KITTY so much, and of course I want to order these cute nails!

what i got:
12 fake nails
1 glue
1 instruction
1 name card

name card

Hello Kitty Nail Art

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi~! Long time no post, I am sorry, I had my FINAL MEET with my lecturers, and now I got a title after my name, it's S.Sn. (in Indonesia means Sarjana Seni, in English Bachelor of Arts). I am very happy! :D

This is VOV Good Bye Eye Pender Remover Pencil from Papuros Shop

OK. Now is review time!

the original image: SOURCE CLICK HERE

REVIEW: VOV Good Bye Eye Pender Remover Pencil

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Hallo Ladies~!

It has ended! Finally our giveaway end and one of you will get a lovely perfume by her choice! :D
But don't worry girls, Georgina Little Shop still sell almost all branded perfume with very very very friendly price!

And now, the winner is..........(drum roll)






(drum roll higher)






Rafflecoopter picked up the winner via

I've already contact the winner, if 2x24 hours she did not reply the mail, I will randomly find new winner then.

Last, THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who participate, you are all so sweet!
Stay pretty~!

Rhea & Georgina

Miss Rhea ft. Georgina Little Shop Giveway Winner!

Friday, February 01, 2013

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