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REVIEW: Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yogurt Mask


I had crazy months that made impacts to my body, especially my face. New blackheads, whiteheads, acnes, pimples, and of course my endless enemy: dark circle T___T *sad*

And I know that I must do more intense facial treatment, the best way is with maskin my face~ ^^
I got Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yogurt Mask. the wash off one from Papuros Shop.

It has normal texture with nice green tea + milk scent. Green tea and milk are very very veryyyy besttttt ingredients for our skin, known before ages, from Madam Cleopatra. lol.

look at my chicken clay! ^^ it's hayday's chick! 

Written on the back: Highly moisturizing wash off type yogurt pack including nutrition-enriched sheep milk *3*
[direction] wash face, apply toner, apply mask, wait 5-10 minutes, wash it off.

DO NOT EAT THE CONTENT, yeah I know that the texture is so yummy like sour sally yogurt, and I want to eat that too lol.

It comes with cute lovely packaging, which I can use it again after this ran out. Very eco-friendly of me feat the packaging :p

it has light turqoise color <3 td="">

Well. This is not my first time using wash-off type of mask, but I don't know why I feel weird, I don't feel like wearing a mask. This is one of a kind.

i think it absorbs into my face

Ok. Now is judging time.

What I Like:
♥ Nice smell
♥ Cute packaging
♥ Leaves my skin so smooth
♥ I feel my face very clean after that
♥ Moist my face
♥ Not tighten face, I can laugh and sneeze also!

What I Dislike:
* A little bit itchy when using this, but I think that is when the mineral works into my skin :D
* Don't feel like wearing a mask, I can forgot that I'm using a mask lol! *silly i know, short term memory lost*

I recommend this product to you.

Where to get this?
only at papuros shop

Please kindly like their facebook page HERE  Go go go!!! :D *kiss
Or add the blackberry pin: 26B3CA21

what do you think Lads? 


  1. nice post rhea. HAHHAHa....kocak "DO NOT EAT THE CONTENT, yeah I know that the texture is so yummy like sour sally yogurt, and I want to eat that too lol."

  2. have you ever tried laneige's multiberry peeling gel? it also works awesome in cleaning blackheads, whiteheads and all the dirt from the face! :)

    1. no, never tried it before, i should try one! :D thank youu

  3. Ohh, looks yummy. I haven't really used many Holika Holika products since a saleslady stressed me out haha. So I avoided them! I absolutely love face masks though, it makes you feel so relaxed and squeaky clean~

    1. wow whats wrong with the sales lady dear? :O
      hahaha yea sureee <3

  4. I love this, you're so lucky to get all these korean products....They are rarely available in India where I live ):

    Have a good day!


    1. lol, thank you! ^^
      someday they will open in india! <3

  5. Lucuu banget pekejingnya... Warnanya juga menggoda..
    Lebih suka sama masker tipe wash off karena bisa sambil ngobrol, ngemil, bersin... #LOL

    1. iya unyuuuhh <3
      iya bisa sambil ngbrol, enak, bisa bersin dan ngupil *lohh!!* hahahah

  6. duhhh.. holika holika mmg racun duniaaaa >.<

  7. great reviews and thanks for sharing ^_~


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