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REVIEW: VOV Good Bye Eye Pender Remover Pencil

Hi~! Long time no post, I am sorry, I had my FINAL MEET with my lecturers, and now I got a title after my name, it's S.Sn. (in Indonesia means Sarjana Seni, in English Bachelor of Arts). I am very happy! :D

This is VOV Good Bye Eye Pender Remover Pencil from Papuros Shop

OK. Now is review time!

the original image: SOURCE CLICK HERE

It has small tiny and soft sponge. Cute!

Oil remover balm

It's been said that this product contains vegetable oil balm that cares eye line tight. Dual stick type for better cleansing with:
(oil remover balm): cleanses makeup
(finish sponge stick): removes waste cleanly

It has no scent or any smell after all. And this is good :)
The oil remover balm in my hand:

shimmering because of the oil *w*

And I got 2 new sponge as bonus!

really sterile packaging!

It really awkward to clean little mess near eye inner corner like this:

And this VOV remover pencil makes it very very easy to clean the mess because of the cute tiny soft sponge! The helpful sponge also can clean sensitive area, like the tear line under my eyes :)


I found extra utility from this remover pencil. It can be an eyeliner easy corrector pen! 
Did not believe me? Check this out, Ladies! :D

I created messy lines with my three waterproof eyeliners:

Then, I form a really sharp edges to make 'cat eyes' make-up pattern:

Voila~! It really works! As you can see, this product not only can remove messy liner in remote parts in eyes, but can be use as eyeliner corrector too! Very easy and did not hurt my eyes at all ^^

the faceshop eyeliner (number 3) is sucks, really, i dont likey!! T_T

This is my cat eyes, before and after using VOV Goodbye Eyepender Remover Pencil 

note: important to remember when using this product, please kindly wait for few seconds before sweep the eyeliner with the sponge. Let the oil balm work in your eyes for a moments, so you can clean more easily, trust me :)


What I Like:
♥ No smell at all
♥ Can reach and clean my remote parts of eyes
♥ Soft sponge that did not hurt thin skin around my eyes!
♥ Easy to use
♥ Got bonus 2 sponges in a box
♥ Sterile packaging with thick plastic caps
♥ Also can be eyeliner corrector to create sharp edges of your own ^w^)/

What I Dislike:
* Need to swap it twice or more to get better cleaner :)

Where to get this?
only at papuros shop

Please kindly like their facebook page HERE  Go go go!!! :D *kiss
Or add the blackberry pin: 26B3CA21

what do you think Lads? 


  1. congrats yaa git <3
    the pen looks amazing!

  2. it looks like a nice product to have in my bag! which i think convenient when i need it!

  3. slamat ya rhea ud lulus.. xD
    makan2 d mana nih? (^0^)/

    praktis banget ya pake inii.. :3

    1. wuaaa rinii makasiiiii..hahahah ayok makan2 :D heheheh
      <3 <3

  4. This is a really cool product!! Thanks for the review.

  5. congratz~!!!!
    and really nice review.. =)

  6. congratz yah Rhea ^_^ skrg nama kmu udah punya ekornya xD
    thanks for the review :D

  7. oooh, this look amazing!! i have to get one of these soon!! loved them ^_~ great review as always!

  8. great tips! :) and amazing make up. I would like to can use it too :)

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  9. hey! this product looks great! i think i like it more for correcting eyeliner like in your last photo rather than using it to clean up left over eye gunk. i usually just take a cotton pad or q-tip and dip it in some eye make up remover. i find that this method works well for me. although sometimes i accidentally over wipe and take off too much, lol. so i see how this would be great.

    xoxo Sarah
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    1. yeaa me too. i get so mess too when apllying eyeliner lol
      hahaha thanks Sarah *kiss <3

  10. Wow, this looks amazing on your eyes, I really need to try it


  11. Ooh your Hello Kitty cursor is so cute :3. I never came across a product like this before actually. Thanks for this review! It's very helpful.

    1. aww im happy to help then :) thanks for visit <3

  12. Invito - italiano
    Io sono brasiliano.
    Dedicato alla lettura di qui, e visitare il suo blog.
    ho anche uno, soltanto molto più semplice.
    'm vi invita a farmi visita, e, se possibile seguire insieme per loro e con loro. Mi è sempre piaciuto scrivere, esporre e condividere le mie idee con le persone, a prescindere dalla classe sociale, credo religioso, l'orientamento sessuale, o, di Razza.
    Per me, ciò che il nostro interesse è lo scambio di idee, e, pensieri.
    'm lì nel mio Grullo spazio, in attesa per voi.
    E sto già seguendo il tuo blog.
    Forza, pace, amicizia e felicità
    Per te, un abbraccio dal Brasile.

  13. Woah, you're Bachelor of Arts?? o.o now I've great respect for you! well done!
    And this product seems really good! I should buy it! :D

    1. hahaha you're too much dear. thanks a bunch!!!! <3 *.*

  14. Wow.. congrats on attaining your bachelor degree :)
    it's a nice review. I'm currently browsing the Papuros Shop >,<

  15. nice post.

    follow me please :)


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