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REVIEW: Tony Moly CatChu Wink Tony Tint #02


How was your day? Back with review post :)
Recently I love using lip tint wherever I go because it was very easy to apply. And I got this tint from Papuros Shop.

Welcoming, Tony Moly CatChu Tony Tint and this one is numer 02 RED. See the fire red. Wow, remember red, remember gothic look, sexy look, sensual look, rite? LOL.

It has kawaii cat design with elegant look!

The liquid texture is very very light, like a water. It's like applying water on your lips,

Magic wand. LOL. Has strong and soft and long wand. Good!

PHOTOSHOOT: My Line Play Character / Avatar


I had so much fun yesterday, did photoshoot with my boyfriend and his brother, Victoricko. I call him 'Ico', he is a funny boy, now doing his thesis for graduation!

Recently I play Line Play Naver very often. I loveeeee this game, details, animations, avatars, and all about kawaii stuffs inside this game :D
If you have Nave LINE application, it's very easy to download this game :)

I have soooo many many clothes and accessories in my game's closet, and I pick this look to represent my makeup play + photoshoot today!! 

I don't have curly light brown hair so I just doing my version LOL. Here they are!!  ^w^)/*

REVIEW: Tonymoly Cats Wink Clear Pact Clear Skin


Last night I got high fever and needed to stay in hospital to get some infuses :( Thanks God that I don't get any viruses, so I can make this review ^^

Introduce, Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact Clear Skin #1. Look at the packaging, sooooooo cuteeeee, I can faint noww LOL, pink, brown, and CAT! How could it be more cute than this? ^^

MAKE-UP PLAY: Gothic Doll

Hello~! Back with make-up play post! Today I made Gothic (Lolita) Doll but I guess its more like 'very simple' one LOL. I really love gothic things, every things gothic (clothes, makeup, style, buildings, story, etc!), that's why I LOVE TIM BURTON so much! ^^
Let's try my luck, how…

UNIQSO - Perfect Big Eye

Hi Lovelies~! Introduce my lovely online shop UNIQSO, a trusted online shop that sells big eye circle lenses and another cute accessories. They based in Malaysia but they do ship overseas, wherever you are! ^^
I really love this online shop, they have very very very easy and friendly website to sh…

V-Shaped Face?

Hello. I want to share my thoughts about the popular curve that most Asian women craving for: V-Shaped Face. Know it before?

Before I continue this post, I want to make an important disclaimer: this post is made for sharing information only, not to insult or offending anyone. The pictures of Korean surgery are from and others pictures are from google. I DO NOT insult plastic surgery or persuading anyone to not having plastic surgery. It's everyone's choice. Me too, wishing for a smaller face like them. Thank you.

Most Asian women are wishing for V-Shaped face. The sharp and small chin makes the face more V. The more V you get, more attention and beauty you have.

Just browse "ulzzang girls" or "ulzzang boys" on Google, and see how many of them that have a sharp chin or V-shaped face. The result is: almost all. Why they love V-shaped face and even Korean people do plastic surgery to get those V-look face? Because of some ugly truths.

The really ugly truths about V-shaped face are:
1. You can look up to 10 years younger. Don't trust me, trust your eyes by seeing these photos below :)
2. Of course when your face change, it would make the whole face changing too (more beautiful they say, i mean, society says).
3. More attention to gets.
4. It's like a 'must-to-have' things in Korea!

Here are some photos of Korean people, changing their born look:

MAKEUP PLAY: Sailor Jupiter

Hello~! Long time no post about make-up playing! This is my first time doing a makeup play with another Blogger Ladies. I am super excited!!

We made a theme for collaboration, and dealed with SAILOR MOON concept! We love Sailor Moon as well because we born at 80-90's era. I also love Shinchan, Doraemon, Minky Momo, P-Man, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, arrrgghh so many to write  here!!! I miss my childhood then :')

Here are our makeup play collaboration!!! *drum roll*

edited by miss Felicia Permata Halim
Let me introduce *ehemm*. Visit their blog, they are all amazing blogger ^^

1. Miss Felicia Permata Halim - Bubblegum Happiness - as Sailor Moon (Usagi). She loves this character so much, look at that wand, I used to have that but now it's gone :[ See her makeup HERE

2. Miss Rini Cesillia - Purpely Hazel - as Sailor Neptune (Michiko Kaio). See her makeup HERE

3. Me - Rhea - as Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino). I love this girl most.

4. Miss Via - Via Violet Xue - as Sailor Venus (Minako Aino). See her makeup look HERE.

REVIEW: Baby Face Creamy Eye Color #02 Pink

Hello everyone~!

I am in my bad condition, I catch a cold, sore throat, and fever today T__T I think this is because I slept after 12 am every night (won't do that anymore God, I promise).

I wanna share about Baby Face Creamy Eye Color from Papuros Shop. Look at the tiny little packaging, it's so damn cute :3

Just small as eye's sterile. Very travel friendly packaging.

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