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REVIEW: Tony Moly CatChu Wink Tony Tint #02


How was your day? Back with review post :)
Recently I love using lip tint wherever I go because it was very easy to apply. And I got this tint from Papuros Shop.

Welcoming, Tony Moly CatChu Tony Tint and this one is numer 02 RED. See the fire red. Wow, remember red, remember gothic look, sexy look, sensual look, rite? LOL.

It has kawaii cat design with elegant look!

The liquid texture is very very light, like a water. It's like applying water on your lips,

Magic wand. LOL. Has strong and soft and long wand. Good!

This is the comparison. After spreaded with finger it would become lighter and brighter. So if you want to make a bold looks, don't spread the tint :D

But this liptint is not really waterproof. I rubbed under the water, the color's gone, but when I used it while eating, the color is still there.

I use this tint for about 4 hours without eating and the color stays very well! I think I need more liptint practice to use liptint. As you can see my 'little usage with spreading' lips below, the color did not blend well on my chapped and dry lips, and it seems like I'm having blood on my lips! T_T
I had dry lips recently and that's very bad. I can't use lipstick, so I just wearing lipgloss.

I love this tint, tho' I don't brave enough to wear deep red lips for my everyday looks :)
This is my one of my FOTD using Tony Moly CatChu Wink Tony Tint #02

very 'chinese' x_x lol

What I Like:
♥ Cute and elegant packaging
♥ Long and soft and strong wand
♥ The stay power of the color is very nice
♥ Nice smell

What I Dislike:
* Weird smell when first applying, after that, no smell at all
* Not suitable for my everyday look
* Too light (like water) - yeah it's liptint, not lipstick :)

Where to get this?
only at papuros shop

What do you think, Lads?
Till next post!


  1. aihh km cool bangeet (y) (*.*)

  2. waaahh gw jg beli ini tp yg orange.. >_<

    yg full usagenya keren d..sekilas kyk pake lipstick matte..

    1. iyaa nat kaya pake matte lipstick hahahah tpi serem terlalu merah aku ga berani lol

    2. mungkin kebanyakan pakenya.. :p
      gw perna baca si tips pake liptint itu abis pake liptint bisa pake bb cream lg..tipis aja tapinya XD
      pernah baca di blog siapaa gitu.. bisa dicoba mungkin tuh XDD

  3. I also have a liptint from Tony Moly and it's also not that good >_<

  4. I think I will be able to buy it only for its packaging ! It's so cute !

  5. oooh, you definitely suits lip tints! really lovely ^_~

  6. Hii rhea.. Kayanya mesti pake lipbalm dl sblm pake tint, n saranku kl bibir kering prefer milk tint drpd water tint, slain lebih creamy n lembut, lbh awet n gampang blendnya juga, my fav is peripera, u should try too

    1. iyaaa cream tint emg aku juga lebih sukaaa..heheheh thanks ya sarannya *hugs*
      periperaaa! itu populer banget bkin ngiler *brb nabung*

  7. Aku jg punya dry lips dear, sblm pake liptint aku ga pernah lupa pake lipbam dl, alhasil warna liptintnya jd keliatan lbh smooth di bibirku :)

    1. he ehhh,,, abis pengalaman satu x itu aku lgs pake lipbalm seblom pake lipstick/tint.. musti minum yg banyak ni hahahah thankss <3

  8. Hey yay *-* ! I just got a small bottle of this as a sample and haven't tried it yet.. Looks like something I will LOVE :)
    Thanks for dropping by to my blog ^q^ Following you ^q^

    xo, Lara

  9. Wow the color looks great! I like tonyMoly products. :)
    Amazing blog btw, gotta follow you. :) ♥

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. ♥ so beautiful!

    i love your style, your design and of course your blog! follow u now :*

  12. Bagus kok rhe di kamu.. cakep..

  13. omg that looks so cool! i also got a lip tint and i love it :)

  14. Wah merahnya keren~ aku malah seneng liat yang merah merah asli, bukan pink XD.. Since warna bibirku udah merah, kalau coba ini pasti bakal jadi vampire XD
    Nice review ~ Thanks for sharing~

  15. Thank you for sharing XD
    I absolutely love Tony Moly products because of their packaging


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