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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I love potatoes so much, mashed, steamed, fried, or whatever it is. I love it!
One of my favorite cook of potato is mashed potato!

Check how I usually made this, very easy easy easy and homemade!

Also you can add cheese cream to the mix, hmmm, yummy!!

And for the finishing, you also can add cheese grater or seaweed sprinkles :D :D :D

Easy and healthy ^^

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TUTORIAL: Easy Homemade Mashed Potato

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Maybe some of my readers know well that I love and adore Tiffany SNSD so much. She is so charming and pretty. The most lovely girl from SNSD (for me LOL).

And today I want to make a makeup play, inspired by her makeup for DIOR advertising :)
I thought that it would be quick to do the makeup, but I am wrong! The simple eyes are quite hard for me to follow. LOL. I am a bad makeup artist T______T

Please don't kill me, Tiffany or another Sone :D

product used:
too cool for school bbc
mac palette
maybelline dual mascara
maybelline gloss
etude house lipstick
tony moly cat wink pact

Ya ya ya yaaaa... I knowww, just one photo that could be 'look alike' with Tiffany, the rests are just, erghh..epic FAIL trolololololol T_____T"

What do you think? >.< LOL

MAKEUP PLAY: TIffany 'Dior' Makeup Look Alike

Monday, April 22, 2013


Back with review post. Etude House is famous of their packaging cuteness and product quality. That's why I'm in love with this brand :D

This is Etude House All Over Color in Raspberry Mousse Cake. First seeing this, I was confused and wondering what product is this? LOL but then I realize it's not a cupcake but a blusher, eyeshadow, and lipbalm in one pack! Cool!

Look at the packaging. I wanna eat that T____T

REVIEW: Etude House Secret Recipe in Raspberry Mousse Cake

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today's post is about Beauty Fair 2013 that held in PX Pavillion, St Morritz, Jakarta Indonesia. I were invited by Meganevent couple weeks before. I was so excited because there would be so many beauty vendors and discounts there!

Well. Let me tell the whole story :)
I met the other beauty bloggers, like Jesslyn, Fweggy, and Sonia. They are all so pretty ^^
We sat together around square table for The Balm Beauty Gathering.

full of the balm cosmetics!

Beauty Fair 2013 with Meganevet + The Balm Beauty Gathering

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Another giveaway for my lovely readers!!! :D
This time, the giveaway is held by THE SKIN REGIME by Dana Ramos. She is a professional skin care guru, dermatologist, beauty expert, and a writer from New York. Recently she wrote her second book The Skin Regime and it is a wonderful book that help women protecting their beauty inside and outside :)

She is very very nice and kind, and she wants YOU to have her book and product for FREE just with joining this giveaway! And the good news again is this giveaway opens internationally! Thanks Miss Ramos, love you!

you can buy also her book here

This is her, Dana Ramos, she is very pretty isnt she? Look at her skin, I think at her age she got a flawless and healthy skin :)

You can visit the site: www.theskinregime.com
and you can know about her more: http://www.danaramos.com/biography.html

Okay, enough with the introductions. Let's start the giveaway :)
Please fill this rafflecoopter, there will be two winners from anywhere in the whole world! 
Ends at 28 April 2013. The giveaway is very easy to join ^^ you don't need to be a blogger, or etc.


Miss Rhea

disclaimer: this giveaway is fully sponsored by the skin regime by dana ramos. any questions about the product or anything please ask directly to miss ramos. thank you.

The Skin Regime GIVEAWAY

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hallo Girls!

WHO LOVES SURPRISE? Aku, termasuk salah satu orang yg suka banget surprise! Beauty Treats, adalah vendor yang bergerak di beauty secara total. Register dan suscribe di web nya, untuk dapetin surprise manis yang worth to try banget!!!

Mereka ini basis nya bukan di Indonesia loh, dan produknya juga keluaran luar negeri semua, pastinya yang terpercaya lah yaaa :D hehehehehhehe...

Sistemnya kaya gini:
1. Bayar per-waktu yang kamu tentuin sendiri (udah include shipping!!)
2. Tinggal tunggu beauty box dari Beauty Treats
3. Gak ada kewajiban review2 di blog *buat blogger*

Gampang dan worth it bangetttttttt ^^

Buruan register DISINI untuk beauty box berikutnya! :D

Beauty Treats Indonesia

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


New photo session (we call it "flight" in Absconding Reality ^^) today! A story about a girl, named Christine Leo. She loves trying new things, making fun of fashion etc. I tell her that it would be very very amazing if she can act and enter the world of hip-hop. And she said YES, WHY NOT! :D

So here are the shots, Christine Leo as the hip-hop baby!!!! Waddap bro'? LOL


Sunday, April 07, 2013

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