I always love ulzzang look, and it becomes my signature style currently :D
This style is never failed to makes me more confident. Lol. One of the most popular hairdo among ulzzang girls is: up-do bun hair, some will mess the bun, some may not.

Bearfully Collection kindly gave me this lovely easy bun to try. I love this bun!

Bun Your Hair Up with Chikomori Hair Bun

Thursday, May 30, 2013


When I wrote this post, I had my flu and it loved me so it still in my body for about 4 days T__T I hate flu, and cough, I just can't do my works and even update my blog.

I want to share a little ramblings. If you want to read, thankyou so much, if not, it's okay, no one loves sad story :)

So as you know, I am a photographer, I might not a real pro one, but someday I will. I promise. I choose to live like this. Yes, graduated from design faculty, but I don't think design can suits me well. Through my personality, ideas, creativity, temperament, ego, I know, this path is my destiny. But still I receive and accept any design projects, like invitations, menu book, company profile, etc.

It started in late 2012. I had much misery with one client. This case made me reject all the website projects ahead and pass it to my friends. From that day, I conviced my self to focus on one job, one hobby, one dream, and one goal. Photography.

Many lecturers, families, friends love my drawings. I do not lie, and arrogant either, really, since kid I love to draw, pencil and paper are always in my bag. It made a 'brand' inside me, everybody knows that Gita is a illustrator. Oh how I love to draw. But it went away, since high school, I feel so busy and sometimes I hate the fact that I can't draw even once a day again. But it became a habit, a bad one. I came into a university, the hobby went more far away from me. I had my friends, my projects, my exams, my boyfriend, everything that makes me far far far away from drawing.

I don't know but I tell you the truth that I don't have many friends. I just have under 10. They are my best, they know me well. I am quite easy to make friends, but I dunno why, since I were in elementary till high school. I know, slowly, that they d o n t   l i k e   m  e  .  .  .  .

I don't get bullied, but after several weeks getting know each others, I know, in their eyes, they don't wanna make friend with me anymore. But I still quite, I don't ask them why. I only draw and draw. When I watched Michelle Phan's video: "Draw My Life", I cried, yeahhh, I understand that feelings, Mich! Really we were the same! That feel when you're in the crowd of fun, but still you're feeling lonely. . . . .

Back to present.

I go through my 22 years old with uneasy things. But praise the Lord that I can make it with my family, especially my mom.
I am building my absconding reality from zero, totally zero. With my own money, my only hardworks, ideas, tears, deseases. I feel very sad when someone steal my ideas, like, hey why can't you just pop your head up so you can have your own idea?

I met a lot of people that underestimate me. And they even ask, why so expensive to hire a photographer? I tell you the truth that being a photographer isn't easy at all. It's not like a teenager who hold Nikon or Canon, and they called themselves photographer. NO!

Ever wondering why almost all of photographers, chef, tour guides, police, are male? Why?
Because it wasn't easy jobs to do. You will need hardwork, strong immune, strong mind to become one. I did not say that others jobs are easy, nothing easy in life, at least I know that being a photographer also need this: passions.

Every photoshot I made, I get sick, my immune is bad I know, very bad. But still I can't leave photography, I am very into it. I love it. My job, my hobby, my creativity, my dreams.
I hope I can be a pro one, and make my parents proud.

Thankyou for reading (if there is any reader) ^^;

Till next post, no ramblings.

A Little Rambling in Late May

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Every girl dreams about fair and smooth skin. It is not an instant thing, but sure we can achieve it with routine skin care and also eat healthy food.

I found a product that really smoothes my skin, I think it's different from another scrub. Introduce, Yoko Spa Milk Salt a scrub salt from Thailand. We all know Thailand, the beautiful women, plastic surgery, and it's like Korea in Asean :)

I love Yoko products, I use Yoko Milk Protein Face Wash before and it was an amazing facial wash!!

REVIEW: YOKO Spa Milk Salt Scrubs

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello~! Long time no review about circle lens. I love big circle lens, it makes my eyes bigger and you can create dolly look with big circle lens, and I trust every bran from UNIQSO, the trusted original seller based in Malaysia. Go check her web to see muuuuuuucccchhhh if their collections!

I received the package last month, but I got eye sore so I don't dare to wear this lens, I am truly sorry for really late review! T____T

I ordered GEO XCM215 Super Angel in Grey color. It's been so long that I want to wear grey lens ^^ Let's see the review :D

REVIEW: GEO Super Angel Grey

Monday, May 13, 2013


It's quite from a long time that I really want to did this make-up play! Finally I can do it now LOL.
As you can see, I am trying to look-alike be Sunny from SNSD or girl generation. Hahahaha. Epic fail, it is T____T she's so pretty and sexy! Judge me! :D

Just the selcas of mine, skip if you don't wanna see LOL. I think I wanna do ALL of the SNSD's makeup inspired, yeahhh 9 girls mean 9 makeup to try! So excited. If you are my reader, you've known that I made Tiffany's before this.

But I am FAILED T____T ohhh why Sunny eonni, neomu yeppeo! :p

Eye close-up. Simple winged make-up :)

products used:
too cool for school bb lunch box
mac eyeshadow #light brown #silver #gold
lioele dollish tear liner
maybelline liner
the face shop liner
daiso eyelashes
maeybelline mascara dual

Till next series of SNSD's makeup inspired! I hope I really can make it :)
Sorry for my bad makeup :(

MAKE-UP PLAY: Sunny SNSD Look Alike

Friday, May 10, 2013

Long time no post, sorry, I've been a super lazy and busy blogger T___T but I never forget my blog!

This post I wanna share my new eyeshadow from kkcenterhk called Color Riche JOJO. It can be used as eyebrow and eyeshadow! :D

SWATCHES: Color Riche Jojo

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