Hello, today I want to share about my friend's giveaway. Introduce, JADE ISABELLE LIANG!
I know her from facebook for the first time, and I add her as friend, she is damn friendly and pretty! I love how she loves to capture all the things around her and share it to public, that's very nice of her.
Last week I went to Singapore on my holiday, but I feel so sad that my internet won't work, so I can't contact Jade for meeting up!!!! TOO BAD!!! Let's meet up someday again, Jade!

This month she is turning 28 (GOSH, she is looks like 18 with her young face and body!!) and make a giveaway! XD

You also can join here
I hope I can win one and also meet her! ^^

Story About Jade

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today's review is about Cow Brand, a healthy brand from Japan, not really known in Indonesia. They sent me products to review: Skin LIFE acnes. 

REVIEW: Cow Brand Skin LIFE Face Wash and Lotion

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Just a quick post, about my makeup play. I love Suzy Miss A. She has gorgeous Korean face with unique personality.

My friend once told me that Suzy's face is very usual in Korea, many girls with face like her.
This is my make up play, creating one of her style. It has few check points:
1. Bun hair with ribbon
2. Winged wide eyeliner
3. Fake lashes
4. Tangerine orang lips


This is me and her. LOL. T_T

My camwhoring time! XD

How do I look? LOL

product used:
Etude House CC Cream Glow
Etude House Precious Mineral BBCream
Etude House Nymph Aura
Etude House O'My Eye Liner
Maybelline Shine Gloss
Tony Moly Lipstick

MAKEUP PLAY: Suzy Bae Inspired

Giveaway dari Absconding Reality dan Lioele Indonesia sudah berakhir dan kami siap mengumumkan pemenangnya!

*drum roll*

Kami sudah mengirimkan email kepada kamu, diharapkan dalam 2x24 jam sudah dibalas atau kami akan mengocok pemenang lain :)


Lioele Giveaway Winner

Hii. This is my very first complete tutorial from 0 to make a whole look! Hahaha. Finally I can remove my shy minds and try to do this tutorial.

And for this time I wanna share about How To Make Sweet Cat Look, nice for photoshoot, cosplay, or just having fun with friends :D
Sorry for bad editinggggg!!! T______T I knowwww it really bad.. I will do better next time! ^^ Enjoy


Friday, August 16, 2013


I challenge my self to join IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) August challenge: pop you k-pop by making myself into Korean singer.

MAKEUP PLAY: IBB Challenge Pop Your K-Pop

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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