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REVIEW: Etude House Happy Essential Foam Collagen

Hop~! What is your favorite facial wash, Beauties? I want to share this facial foam from my favorite brand: Etude House Happy Essential Foam Collagen, it actually has five kinds, but I choose Collagen, to give my face skin more collagen  xD
It has pinky packaging with plain design.

Look at that texture, believe me, it is very very heavy! And WOW for that, LOL, sure I feel very economic with this cream (its cream not foam!), bought it for around 8US$ and can use this for months! Just a tiny little spot can smear and spreaded to all over my face :D

Rub in my hand, smell good, actually like no scent at all, I confused to mention what kind of smell is this, LOL. Soft and gentle while cleaning my face.

Well, using this product for months, make me can just it: it do cleans well and moist my face. If you are looking for bubble-free facial wash, then you should try this Happy Essential type :)

What I Like:
♥ It has heavy texture
♥ Affordable price
♥ Easy to find
♥ Good smell
♥ Cleans very well
♥ Moist my face

What I dislike:
* There's no bubbles LOL
* Hard to get the cream out (toooo heavy!)

Rating: 4 of 5

Thankyou for reading, and these my selfies, in case you miss me *slapped* ROFL!
See you~!


  1. The tube is super cute!! Thank you for the review ^^ you look really adorable on your photos <3


  2. yes its pink!! <3
    thankyou kawaii misa <3

  3. males banget klo susah bkin busa..
    untung aku ga tertarik bli ini git XD

    1. iyaaa kagak enyak rin, ga bisa berbuih2 ahahhaha XD

  4. ada si cantik :3 hahaha
    ak pernah punya mini sizenya teksturnya emg thick yaa~

    1. makasiii cantiikk <3 <3
      hahah iya niii mknya ga mau repurchase :p

  5. wah kayaknya yg white clay cocok ya bwat oily skin.. tp klo ga berbusa n susah pas dipencet ribet jg donk... but, thanks bwat info nya yah... nice review :D

    1. eheheh iyaaa susahhh mknya males beli lagi,,
      makasi yaaa <3

  6. Warna packagingnya kok cute banget sihhh. Apalagi yang warna kuning sama biru, unyuuu hahahaha.
    Ohhh minionnya lucu bener sih, yang ngepost juga cute banget ^_^

    (aku bener-bener salah fokus nih T_T)

    1. ah cece mah bkin ak blush aja ahahahah
      iya lucu banget ceeee tp terlalu berat buat aku >.<

  7. Thanks for sharing this. My fvt facial wash is alwyas Neutrogena grapfruit..

  8. lovely review, the packaging is adorable! thank you for sharing!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)

  9. minion sama tube nya lucu sekali *super duper salah fokus* :p

  10. pilihannya kayaknya cuma buat sampe umur 20 an aja ada yg 30 an :p #maklumudahtuwa hihi
    follow me back at tengkyuu

    1. sama ja ceee, hahahha, emng klo buat 30an ada kandungan apa? hihihi >.<
      cece masi kliatan muda sekalii

  11. ga seru kalo gada busanyaa.. Hahahaa :D

    yukk mampir blog aku --->

  12. packagingnya lucu2...hihi..anw, u look cute too in the pics!=D
    aiih, Geisha nya dandan, makanya cantik,,,hohoho..thx for the nice comment!xoxo

  13. Well this foam cleanser is quite interesting to try thoo. but using this foam cleanser as daily cleanser is quite money wasting tbh, ( the counter price so expensive)

  14. Kamu imut banget, Rhea.. Sayang ya susah menghasilkan busa. Kayaknya muka berminyak kayak aku ga cocok pake ini.
    Btw, kamu kok bisa kenal mereka? Berta dan Victorico itu temen satu SMA aku. Pernah sekelas juga ma mereka.hehehe

  15. I have this one as well and I just love it! I think it is super nice. Good review and such cute pictures at the end! ^.^


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