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REVIEW: The History of Whoo Whitening and Moisture Cream (Sample)

Annyeong~! In this post I wanna share about my skin care lately. I got problems with acne scars, and when I went to beauty clinic, the Beautician said that acne scars will disappear when skin got enough collagen and hydrated well (damp enough).

I reflected myself, I think sometimes yeahh my face become dry because of weather, makeup, and etc, that's why my acne scars still there for this long time T_T

Thanks to Worm and Owl, a trusted online beauty shop for sending me this baby. Introduce, The History of Whoo Whitening and Moisture Cream. Did you know that this brand is really super popular in Korea, and recently Indonesia got the effect too.

The full size edition is beyond of my wallet, LOL, so let's try the samples first. Worm and Owl sells samples from any kind of brands, especially Korean skincare/makeup ^^

The texture is quite heavy, in white color, and comes with nice herbal smell. I love the smell and it absorb quick enough in skin :)

Let's peel what it has promised to us *evil grin*

Whitening rating 3.5 of 5
It claims "Whitening" on the packaging. For me, hmmmm, I think my skin tone is still in the same color LOL. Buuuuttttttt yesss, the acne scars and another dots slowly disappear, and this can be the main reason why my face (and everyone face) would look a bit lighter! :D

Moisture rating 4 of 5
Yes, it does the job well. I use this cream every single night before sleep. I can feel it moist my face and also calm my dry skin, thankyou! ^^

This is my skin condition after one month. Slowly getting better (nothing good comes instant, right?) with nicer texture also! XD

What I Like:
♥ Moist my face
♥ Nice smell
♥ Slowly my acne scars disappear
♥ Fix my skin texture

What I Dislike:
* A bit sticky
* Not travel friendly (unless you put it in a little jar)
* Full size price is killing the wallet, so thankyou to Worm and Owl for sell this samples

I recommend this cream to whoever want to look brighter, because it slowly disappear the dark spot/freckles/acne scars. 

Where to get this?

Get 5% OFF for minimal order 100.000
mentioning "Miss Rhea Blog"


  1. I think that it's great that it is so moisturizing! Definitely a good thing.

  2. Wooo kulitmu bagus banget Git. Mau punya kulit kayak kamuu hahaha

    1. ga se bagus itu jg ce >< ak punya problem kutil2 kecil T_T

  3. ce Gita udah putih sih xD
    thanks for the review^^

  4. I've always been curious about whitening products, I was given one recently and I'm wondering if it will lighten my skin along with brightening any pigmentation. I'm naturally a light olive colour and don't want to accidentally make my skin lighter haha Your skin looks like it's just brighter rather than 'whiter' so I might give mine a try and see what happens :)

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    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    1. yes, i think its so scary to have a skin care that "whitening" the face, right? i prefer the word "brightening" much :D
      thanks for visiting me jess, its been a long time no contact with you :D

  5. aku juga suka jie sama yang ini, pengen beli full size nya tapi dompetnya nangis duluan bilang *ga ga ga kuat* hehe
    ga tau deh buat putih atau ga, taapi moist nya dapet banget dan ga buat minyakan xD

    1. hahah iyaaa mahal banget, ngapain din beli fullsize XD
      moistnya emg enak banget, seneng banget kulit jadi lembab :D

  6. Oooh..such a cute blog you have! I think you look so beautiful! <3
    And thank you for the review! ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  7. aku dulu waktu kusem banget pake ini git.. emang oke yaa hihi full size nya mahal T_T untung ada sachetnya, lumayan hihi
    kulit kamu ga ada nodanya :'(

    1. heheh iyaahh, sayang ah duit buat beli fullsize..
      adaaaa, itu bekas jerewiiii T_T

  8. gita kulitnya baguss bangett gak ada kerutan di mata dan gak tlalu hitaam yaa ;;w;; km rajin pake eye cream/masker mata ya say?

    1. kga pake eyecream naaa, ini item kok bawah mata, kga kliatan jelas aja dpoto ><

  9. aku jg pake ini ce, emang efek whiteningnya kurang berasa, lebih berasa essencenya hihi tapi sekarang aku stop dulu pake cream-nya karena tiba2 jerawatan katanya kalo lg jerawatan kan d stop dlu pake whoo yg line seol ini :/

    1. iyaaa bnnnerrrr hehehehe,,,
      wahhhh kalo lg jerawatan ak juga berhentiin skin care aku semua nya >.<
      cuma toner aja biar ttp fresh heehe thanks for sharing laa~

  10. he2 saya kira blog luar, udah coba Serum A3 belum ? coba searching aja di google. udah banyak penggunanya yang kasih testimoni positif.

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