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Hair Chalk with Pastel Color - Simbalion Hair Chalk

Hi! Noooo, I am not coloring my hair that extreme! LOL. Want to know what is that gorgeous blue color?
IT'S HAIR CHALK!!!! Yeeeeaaaayyy! I don't have to dye my hair, and also I can change the colors wherever I want to! :D

This is a soft pastel for drawing, I got this from Enportu Creative, they sells creativity stuffs.
I love drawing, illustration, and coloring things since kid, and I often use this soft pastel to coloring something. But let's see if this can color my hair temporarily :D

Three simple steps to dye your hair with Simbalion Hair Chalk errrr..I mean soft pastel too LOL.
1. Start with clean dry hair
2. Damp it with water spray in the area you want to coloring
3. Rub hard the hair chalk/soft pastel into it and voilllaaaaaaa~

After that, you may dry the hair with dryer, but don't use towel!!!!!

Important notes and tips:
1. Wear ugly t-shirt while coloring 
2. It left stain, so you cannot wear bright colored tops (but the stain gone after washes)
3. DO NOT COMB the hair after that
4. You can curl the hair, but it will left stain in your curler
5. Hair will be extremely dry while in color, but don't worry, after shampooing, it will be back to normal (I use conditioner to apologize to my hair LOL)

This is the most simple way to coloring hair without much effort and less harm to the hair, also the price is quite affordable for temporary :D

You may check the item here:

Do I look good? ^^

See you at next post!


  1. Wow love the color! You definitely rocks blue <3

  2. Biasa bs tahan brp lama klo di km git?
    Bagus warnanyaa ♥

    1. tahan sampai aku cuci rambut say hehehe makasii :D

  3. whoaaa cakep" warnany suka bgt sm warna biru ini <3 syg yg hot pink g ada ya ce

    1. iya mgkn rambut hitam ga bisa pake hot pink ><

  4. you did it well! i just doin it to my hair too, but kinda failed. lol.

  5. Hey,

    You have a really lovely Blog with interesting Stuff on it! Do you want to support each other and follow via GFC?
    If yes tell me and i follow you back, Honey :)

    Greetings from Germany

  6. bagus birunya. coba permanen ya... aku suka ama rambut biru :)

    1. bagusan temporary, bisa ganti2 :p hihihihi
      makasi :D

  7. deeee ini bagus banget...!!! jadi pengen dehh...!!

  8. Wah, aku cita-cita banget tuh ngewarnain rambut pake pastel gini. Cuma...nggak pede-pede terus ribet karena rambutnya tebal banget, lamaa deh pasti meski ngewarna ujungnya doang. :p

    Bagus tuh, birunya! :)

    1. iyaaaa ribet lamaaa sbnrnya tp pas uda kewarna jadi seneng sendiri :p
      hehehe makasiiii ♥

  9. Aww such beautiful colours ^^

    恵美より ♥

  10. bagus banget warnanya, jadi pingiiiinnn aww XD


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