Hi~! Proudly me, I announce that I finally can make another tutorial for you again *cry happily* oh how i miss doing this often!

Already seen Interstellar movie? It's Christopher Nolan's latest great amazing movie with science alerts inside. I love science and astronomy!!! So that's why I won't miss this thinking movie!!!
It has attracted me so much and I want to make a makeup play post inspired with futuristic things, collaborated with BBlog Competition too!

So here is me: The Fantasy Futuristic Robo girl! Are you in love with me baby? Don't fall for me because I am heartless. I made of stars and machine, and design to kill you! Lol~



Which side of me you love moreeeee??? Tell meeee! XD


Annnnnddddd I come here to inspire and invite you all bloggers to join this challenging blog competition! You may write about science fiction/robotic/fantasy or anything about RF ONLINE INDONESIA with your own style, yes YOUR OWN STYLE. Very interesting and challenging rite??!

I worked at one of this company, so I cannot join the competition hehehe.. But I really want you to join this event because the prizes are cool! Click HERE to know more about this competition, and me wishing you good luck!! *smooch*

MAKEUP PLAY: Fantasy Futuristic Robo

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hair is my most critical parts of my whole look. If my makeup is good but I got a bad hair, surely it will ruins my mood :p
Are you agree with me? Hahaha. Hair is my crown  =^w^=

Thankyou Beauty Korea for sending me The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Hair Mask, at least I can treat my hair alone at home, because I am quite busy to go to hair salon every week :(

The packaging is simple, with good locked cap that makes it travel friendly. I use this hair mask once a week, and I carry it on my fitness bag :D

It has yellow-broken white-creamy color, with creamy heavy texture. The smell is quite interesting, since I never smell a scent like this in any hair mask before, but it's okay because it still normal and good in my nose. I like the heavy texture, the truth is every hair mask that I've ever tried is always not this heavy, which is so good to use :)

Sometimes I am wondering about the "jewel" thing, is this really contains jewel essence? LOL. But anyway it doesn't matter because my hair feels a bit smoother after using this mask :)

  1. Clean your hair and scalp with shampoo
  2. Let your hair becomes damp (80% wet)
  3. Grab some amount of The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Hair Mask into your palm and spread it to hair (not the scalp!)
  4. Wait for 4-5 minutes (you may use warm towel to warp your hair)
  5. Rinse with water till clean (no need to shampooing again)

It's quite easy right? It's recommended for anyone with busy schedule so cannot go to hair saloon often (like me lol)

What I Like:
♥ Good locked cap
♥ Travel friendly
♥ No weird smell
♥ Heavy texture
♥ Makes my hair smooth

What I Dislike:
* Sticky in hand before you wash with soap/shampoo

Where to get this?

Trust me, the sell cheap but original items!

Stay pretty~!♥

REVIEW: The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Hair Mask

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hiii~ I am super in love with this brand lately. Yes, named Kiss, comes from Thailand. I fell in love since using Kiss Whitening Collagen Sleep Mask for my night routine everyday.

Thankyou Kiss Skin Care Tpi for sending this amazing mud Kiss Mineral Aqua Mud Foam! Let's see the complete review...

I like the bottle design, it represents sterile and fresh feeling. It has pump! And also it has turquoise color LOL. Below is the mini instruction, very simple, just like another foam.

Just like what it said on the packaging, the texture is mud-like. Heavy, soft, almost black colored (not really black, but darrrrrkkkkkk green), and firstly I thought the smell would be gross, but hell NO! It has nice smell after all :D

The mud glides perfectly in skin, leaves smooth and clean feelings. And it also absorbs my sebum and dirt very well, super likey~
Yes, this is very suitable for oily skin and I don't recommend this to those with dry skin type :)

What I Like:
♥ Good packaging with pump
♥ Cleans my face very well
♥ No weird smell
♥ Heavy and creamy texture
♥ Makes my skin smooth and fresh

What I Dislike:
* Not travel friendly (it's big and i think the cap is fragile)

Where to get this?

Kiss Skin Care Tpi
Authorized Kiss skin care in Indonesia

LINE: vinasim (owner)
WA: 089636692242
BBM: 7D81D98A

REVIEW: Kiss Mineral Aqua Mud Foam

Friday, November 14, 2014

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