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EVENT REPORT: LipAddict Indonesia Opening

Hei~ Anyone here knows LipAddict? It is a brand new beauty line in Indonesia for lips care and beauty. Wow! Quite interesting huh? On Tuesday, 2 December 2014, LipAddict Indonesia invited me to join the launching opening little party on its store. Yeay!

I came really early because there is no traffic and I loved it lol. The store located in Hotel Intercontinental Mid Plaza Jakarta, LG FLoor R33A, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11 Centre Jakarta. The place itself is comfort, feminine, with elegant touch in it. All is red! We are on fire! lol

I know you all must be curious about this right? Hahaha. Okay! LipAddict is a brand of "lipgloss-like lip care". It has 12 colors of gloss, much more like lip plumper I guess.

And the main purpose of the product is:

  1. As antioxidant to lips so keep the lips young and elastic
  2. Reduce lips wrinkles and darkness
  3. Boos sexiness of the lips

Many people use needle or lip injection to have a sexy and sensual lips like Angelina Jolie. But it was SICK and SCARY! With LipAddict, in just one swipe, you got all the attention and the good news is: all ingredients are NATURAL :D

You can use it as often as you want, and also while sleeping too! Because it is very save, yet pregnant woman or children can use this. Cool stuff!

It has 12 colors, stay calm, we can still be gorgeous while taking care of our lips! They are:
201 - Sweet Nothing
202 - Coralista
203 - Mon Cherie
205 - Sexy Seductress
206 - Pink Princess
207 - Innocence
208 - Razzle Dazzle
209 - Candy Swirl
210 - Glamour
211 - Air Kiss
212 - Pink Sugar
213 - Jewel (no color)

The product is made in USA. You may learn more in the website:

This is Ms. Sandra, me, and Miss Keshia. Guess what, Ms. Sandra (director of LipAddict) is really pretty and young! She's just look like early 30! Geez!

I got one LipAddict in number 205, and I will reviewing it for you guys hehhe, so please stay tuned. This is obviously an interesting product! But maybe some of you will ask a question like me "Do people who had born sensual duck lips can use this? Will it make my lips more plumped? I am afraid if that would happen!" AHAHAHAHA! Yes I am worrying it at first, but then Miss Keshia told us that no worries, LipAddict will keep my lips stay in the same shape XD

So this is my FOTD and OOTD. I am very excited to try this LipAddict since I have a little darken lips and also wrinkled :( :(

With another bloggers

Where to get this?

See you and wait for the review!


  1. cantiknya git <33
    baru tau ada brand LipAddict :3

  2. You girls look so pretty all in red! I have quite pouty lips myself and have only recently started embracing them.

  3. Waaahh, ada ya brand ini di indo
    Nice review, pretty!

    Sylvia's World


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