REVIEW: NYX Wonderstick Highlight and Contour

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hiii~~ I have to admit that I am a late contour freak, why? Because for years using makeup and learning makeup by myself, I always said that "I DON'T NEED CONTOURING, especially for my nose, it looks so fake!"
BUTTTTT time goes by, as for now, I regret what I ever said before, lololol~~~

I am addicted to highlight and contouring, and I usually use this NYX Wonderstick for my nose job. It's superrrrrrrrr duperrrr easy and fast!!!

 First I asked my sister who lived in USA to buy me Michelle Phan's Chiaroscuro, but she said it's quite hard to get even in USA. So she came with this wonderstick, it's okay, I am more than happy~ Thankyou sis!

I got in shade number two: medium - and it fits me! Two bullets on side by side, one for highlighting and one for contouring.

You can see my application and real view for this product in my videos, I always use this. Check my videos out, and please do subscribe okay? ^^ *love ya~

What I Like:
♥ Easy to use!!
♥ Travel friendly
♥ Natural matte color
♥ Blend very well with my skintone

What I Dislike:

See you again~


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