Haii~ Senangnya kemarin ini aku diundang untuk datang ke acara Sociolla Soiree bersama Avene. Apa sih Soiree itu? Yaaa semacam ARISAN gitu deh hahaha, yang pasti seru bangetss~

Sociolla Soiree with Avene

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello pretty ladies~ I had a very excited day, because of what? ALTHEA will be available for Indonesian market in a while!! Couldn't be more happier!

Unboxing ALTHEA Beauty Box!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello~ I want to announce a very good news: now you can have your Korean beauty box right in front of your front door! Super happy that Koreabuys finally launch their Box Subscription, and are curious about the products that they put it inside? Let’s open this box!

The box came with a elegant and simple design, very mature yet clean, I love it! And, of course you can see Koreabuys details inside the first cover. I feel like Christmas is coming early :p

Yashh it’s said “You’re Gorgeous”, OMG thankyou, all of you know it, lol~ XD
First I was speechless, because this beauty box is different with usual beauty box, why? Because Koreabuys beauty box has full set of makeup - from base, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and also skincare! And ALL FULL SIZE, so enjoy a full happiness in one box!! Yay!!

The next thing is: all products are 100% original and in a good condition. Ever had am awful packaged of beauty box? I feel like Koreabuys shipped this with love, all in the perfect condition like I just bought it from the store :)

What are those goods?
1. Skin79 Diamond BB Cream
2. Missha Eyeshadow
3. Skinfood Cake Liquid Eyeliner
4. Etude House Draw My Eyebrow
5. Etude House Etoinette Lipstick
6. Malie Masks.
7. Koreabuys stickers.

I am a very happy girl, these products are from great Korean’s brand, and there is NO samples inside, all FULL SIZE.

I am a big fan of Korean makeup, so this make me very excited. Let’s make a quick tutorial with these babies! I want to have “Natural Everyday Makeup”. Please kindly watch my video:

Here’s a before after. All with Koreabuys beauty box products which are very complete and trusted! Love!

I will review all of the products in the next posts, so stay tuned for the complete review okay.
And I did my first impression with these products too, you can watch it on my video, also this “Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial” could be watched on the video

Koreabuys has a very great deal with Korean brands price, with good service and packaging, I feel secure and happy to shop there. Easy and comfortable. If you love Korean makeup, I highly recommend Koreabuys, no need to worry about the security!

And Koreabuys already prepared two kinds of boxes for only 249.000 IDR:

Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint 5 Color 1.2ml (0.03kg) - Pink
Drawing Eye Brow AD 0.2g - Brown
My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner - Black
100% Pure Cotton Malie Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask 25g x 3pcs - RANDOM


Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint 5 Color 1.2ml (0.03kg) - Deep Red
Drawing Eye Brow AD 0.2g - 3. Brown
My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner - Black
100% Pure Cotton Malie Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask 25g x 3pcs - RANDOM

They sell LIMITED box, so you better hurry if you like to buy the beauty box, they're affordable and tottaly worth every penny :)

They also have the very first Beauty Box contest you may check the information more on: Koreabuys Beauty Box Launching Event Contest and you can get another big box worth of 3mio IDR!!! What a DEAL!!! *droollll*

Thankyou for reading and watching my video, don’t forget to subscribe and comment, see you on the next post! xoxo

Unboxing Koreabuys Beauty Box + Korean Natural Look Tutorial

Saturday, April 09, 2016

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