Too Cool For School Glam Rock Series

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Too Cool For School is a long cosmetic name but I love their products, especially their packagings! LOL. Recently they launched the latest series called GLAM ROCK that has a cute creepy halloween-ish design on it. Had a very fun Halloween Lunch party with them last October! :D

Pretty Sha with TCFS products

I like this Glam Rock packaging but I prefer the other swag with cute doodles packaging from Too Cool for School, hahaha.. Here what I got to try on :D

Glam Rock Eyeshadow and Lipstick number 1 Bloody Kiss and number 2 Red Velvet.

Glam Rock Mascara

Glam Rock Eyebrow Express with gel and set of applicators: angled brush and spooli.

I made a full face makeup only using those tools, anyone want the tutorial? :D

I love this kind of sweet and natural look, perfect for everyday wear to work or college, with a simple curl or updo~

What do you think? 
I will upload this Too Cool For School Glam Rock Full Face Makeup tutorial soon! :D


  1. Ya ampun rhe, mangap aja tetep gemez hahahahahahaha.
    Anyway sudah ku follow blog mu yah :*

    1. hahhah uda mati gaya ki makanya mangap XD
      iyaa folback done!

  2. This looks so awesome! And I love your makeup. So so pretty!


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