MAKEUP PLAY: The Pale Porcelain Doll + Tutorial Transform Yellow to Pale Skin

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hello world, it's October and this month I'm going to make one creepy makeup (as usual) for Halloween tho I'm not celebrating. This look inspired by a ball jointed doll that I really fall in love with. I used to save money to buy one (it's pricey!) but managed to cancel it because it was an impulsive thinking lol.

Here I am, creating PALE PORCELAIN DOLL for this season, not creepy but hauntingly beautiful (still want to look pretty but scary hahaha).

If you look at the references, these dolls are very pale, flawless, and gloomy. There are three keywords that we can apply to this concept. The problem is my skin is very yellow HAHA. Tried this and that, so I figured out one way to make my skin pale without breaking my flawless complexion and still look natural!

Big shout out to my friend ESTHER ASHER (@esther.asher) who captured these pictures, she's very talented and has the same gloomy soul like me! *high five!

Enjoy the pictures, please do not steal and misused it. I edited with Adobe Lightroom and somehow I prefer the raw version, her camera is a gem, we didn't use any artificial lights by the way! *proud!

edit vs not edit (which one you like more??)

edited for my @AbscondingReality post

You might want to create this look for Halloween, don't lose your elegant side! So this is the tutorial I hope you enjoy it and please tag me @Rheakim whenever you did it! :)

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